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CHRISTCHURCH, NZ, 9 October 2020 – Global geoscience software company Seequent brought industry leaders together with a virtual global audience of over 4000 to explore how technology and connection are transforming the ways we live and work. Lyceum 2020, The Power of Connectionhighlighted exciting new possibilities for the future of geosciences, and our understanding of the world. 
Industry professionals, government organisations, thought leaders, partners, and academia tackled Mining, Civil, Environmental, and Energy sector challenges, with over 50 sessions, that included 62 guest speakers, and featured over 30 user presented case studies. 
Seequent Chief Technology Officer, James Lawton introduced Seequent Evo, a new future-focussed ecosystem of hybridised cloud and desktop geoscience solutions, to enable seamless interconnectedness across multiple workflows and solve problems in the moment. Seequent Evo is the most significant investment in technology in the company’s history. 

“Seequent Evo offers a new, nimble, more effective way of bringing clarity and vision to geoscience data and to better support industry practice,” says Lawton. “Our goal is to provide an ecosystem of interoperable, organic solutions that, along with our users, will continue to adapt, grow and evolve.”  
Chief Executive Officer at Seequent, Shaun Maloney, was delighted to open Lyceum 2020, the company’s first-ever completely virtual event, live-streamed in over 80 countries. He shared how cutting-edge digital technologies, such as Seequent Evo, can enhance the connection between people, information, and important industry decision making.  

Chief Executive Officer at Seequent, Shaun Maloney presenting at Lyceum 2020

“Our ever-evolving ecosystem of solutions is designed to support the increasing demands on businesses, especially given global events over the last six months,” says Maloney. “We’ve seen an astronomical increase in data sources and data sizes – accordingly, our research and development investment and cloud-enabled solutions is double that of just 12 months ago.” 
Cloud workflows are now critical to enable productivity and to facilitate connectivity that is not possible with desktop solutions alone. Whether they are a cloud, desktop or hybrid solution, Seequent is committed to ensuring connection from the office or home across projects, data and colleagues, in a seamless environment. Maloney also gave a preview of Seequent’s exciting road ahead, including November releases of Leapfrog Geo and Edge, Leapfrog Works, Leapfrog Geothermal, Geosoft, Seequent Central, and GeoStudio; to enable greater functionality, faster, and powerful flexibility, adaptability and scalability. 
Further Lyceum highlights included The Future of Work, presented by Uwa Airhiavbere, Microsoft Managing Director, Worldwide Energy, outlining how digital technologies are changing the workforce and how businesses can adapt and evolve. Other sessions included Advancing Collaboration in Mining, Geotechnical Digital Twins, The Future of Groundwater Management and Data, Leading Practice Tailings Management, and the Next Generation of Geothermal Subsurface Innovation.  
In his closing presentation for Lyceum Seequent Chief Operating Officer, Graham Grant, said that he was taken with the degree to which participants challenged some of the current thinking.  
“That is what Lyceum is all about, not necessarily finding every answer but exploring the right questions,” says Grant. “And about people, communication is the exchange of information but connection – that is the exchange of humanity.” 
To access Lyceum 2020 On Demand and view presentation streams for Civil, Energy, Environmental, Mining Exploration & Resource Management, and Mining Production see