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CHRISTCHURCH, NZ – November 23, 2017Seequent, the world leader in visualisation solutions for earth, environment and energy challenges, today launched mineral resource estimation solution Leapfrog EDGE.  Leapfrog EDGE supports and advances industry practices in mineral resource estimation by applying the highly dynamic, intuitive and visual capabilities that Leapfrog 3D geological modelling solutions are world-renowned for.

In a streamlined workflow, Leapfrog EDGE introduces innovative 3D visualisation to resource estimation alongside industry standard tools for estimating, domaining, geostatistical evaluation and reporting.

Seequent’s solutions turn complexity to clarity by transforming complex data into clear geological understanding.  Leapfrog EDGE was developed in collaboration with industry experts and is available either within the Leapfrog Geo geological modelling solution, or as an individual product. 

Shaun Maloney, Chief Executive of Seequent (formerly ARANZ Geo), says “Reliable resource estimation is critical to create confidence for all levels of decision makers.  The geological model is the foundation of any resource estimate so it was a natural progression to develop a Leapfrog solution for resource estimation.  Leapfrog EDGE builds on the success of Leapfrog Geo which allows 3D geological models to be built in a very dynamic and intuitive way.”

Integrated workflow

Using Leapfrog EDGE within Leapfrog Geo creates a fully integrated workflow between the geological model and the resource model, allowing users to stay in the very visual and dynamic Leapfrog environment. Estimates are built from the Leapfrog model, avoiding data corruption and error. A key feature of this integration, is ‘dynamic updating’, where users can add data or revise their interpretations at any stage in the workflow and these changes will automatically flow downstream and update.

Seequent Director of Product and Innovation Tim Schurr, says, “This seamless connection increases confidence as the user can give a stronger emphasis to providing a robust geological model to underpin the estimate.  Introducing this simple but substantial step delivers major benefits as users can manage change as they continue to interpret the geology and make use of the latest information.”

Interactive data visualisation

Leapfrog EDGE’s highly interactive data visualisation tools for resource estimation help users gain a greater understanding of their data. Users can rapidly iterate and test different parameters and then view the results in the rich 3D environment, whether it’s variography estimation results or reporting and summarising. 

The variogram tool is an example of a feature that takes full advantage of Leapfrog’s highly visual environment. Users can see the variogram orientation and ranges in both 2D and 3D, and then manipulate them directly in the 3D scene. Changes dynamically update the variography and block models. 

Tim Schurr says, “We’ve had excellent feedback from the pre-release programme.  Users are gaining new insight and clarity from visualising and interacting with their resource estimate the Leapfrog way.”

Intuitive and thoughtfully crafted

Leapfrog EDGE has been thoughtfully crafted with flexible workflows and uncluttered work spaces designed to improve productivity and reduce training time. Tim Schurr explains, “The tools are user friendly, intuitive and easily accessible so users can focus on the resource estimate rather than mastering software. With sound experience in resource estimation a new Leapfrog EDGE user takes only a matter of days to become proficient, while comparable software can take months.”

3 years in the making

Leapfrog EDGE is the result of three years of industry consultation, research, development and validation with geologists and geostatisticians from around the globe to support and advance industry practices in resource estimation. 

Shaun Maloney says, “We’re really pleased to bring Leapfrog EDGE to the market after such a thorough consultation and development process. This refreshing new approach puts the resource geologist in the driving seat and enables better decision making around mineral resources to increase confidence and reduce risk.  And as with any first release, there is more to come.”

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