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Discover the power of Leapfrog Edge in this webinar with Project Geologist and Edge specialist, Lee Evans.

Leapfrog Edge is a module that extends Leapfrog’s dynamic workflow, offering built-in tools for comprehensive resource estimation and validation directly within the software. Join Lee to explore a range of tips and tricks in Leapfrog Edge that can help streamline your workflow and ensure accurate resource estimates.

Here’s a summary of what we covered in this webinar:

  • Statistics, available in both drilling and block models, with some selection tricks we have built into those functions.
  • Compositing at the drillhole level, a different way you can choose to make sure you are getting consistent values in the estimators.
  • Set up your variogram from the start, some settings I like to use to get the ball rolling.
  • Domains and the various options we have to pick from, don’t be tied to only geology.
  • Parameter reports, if you haven’t used edge in a while this may be new to you, helps you validate, edit and keep track of your estimates.
  • Validating down to the block level with the interrogate estimator.
  • Keep everything tidy with your block model reports, immediately show how you model is performing.



Lee Evans, Project Geologist – Seequent Limited


36:51 mins

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