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Join APAC’s Senior Customer Solution Specialist, Richard Lowries, as he demonstrates the creation of Geological Maps and adding Title Blocks in Leapfrog Works.

Within this short webinar, Richard will explain how new features within Leapfrog 2023.2 have enhanced this process, focusing on:
  • New features allowing for creation of Rendered Map within GIS, Maps and Photo folders.
  • Leveraging familiar Leapfrog scene tools to render an image and covert it to a map
  • Add essential elements like grid overlays and title blocks and why these are beneficial to projects
  • Streamlining the overall process with the ability to export to geological maps to GeoTIFF Format.
For more information about the features mentioned or for further support, contact [email protected]



Richard Lowries

Senior Customer Solution Specialist – Seequent


4 mins 4 secs

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