The montaj™ Drillhole Plotting extension enables quick, easy and accurate production of presentation-quality drillhole section and plan maps. Drillhole data may also be presented in a 3D space within the Oasis montaj environment.
This extension enables geologists to set up drill projects, manage results dynamically, and interpret results for followup drilling and decision-making.

The extension provides plan, section, stacked section and 3D visualization functionality. A Strip Log and Compositing tool is also provided for displaying up to 16 strip log plots per map, and for calculating and annotating composite intervals on plotted strip logs.

Use Drillhole Plotting to:

  • Procesar y analizar grandes volúmenes de datos de sondeo.
  • Importar directamente desde un sistema de gestión de bases de datos de acQuire.
  • Create data validation QA/QC reports,
  • Quickly select your holes of interest,
  • Create drillhole plans, sections and strip logs,
  • Visualize borehole/drillhole data from different angles in true 3D space,
  • Produce high quality maps for interpretation and target definition,
  • Generate and manage exploration drilling projects.

 Drillhole Mapping

Manage drillhole projects from planning to evaluation. Process data and produce presentation quality plans and sections.

  • Create, define and edit a drillhole project,
  • Import collar, survey, numeric and text data via ASCII, OBDC compliant database wizards, Metech’s acQuire, and LAS v2.0 files,
  • Export data to CSV, Microsoft Access data base or LAS v2.0,
  • Analyze and interrogate your drill hole data via dynamically linked sections, plans and database views,
  • Select optional manual data entry for new holes, and editing of existing data,
  • Composite data to fixed or lithological intervals,
  • Automatically validate imported data using QA/QC tools, to ensure data quality, checks for overlapping intervals, duplicate samples, dip and azimuth discrepancy etc.,
  • Validate existing data using standalone QA/QC tools,
  • Create and edit your own rock code patterns for specific projects.

Plans and Sections

Generate plan and section plots using intelligent defaults for automatic plotting or customized settings.

  • Integrate borehole positions with other surface data such as geology, geochemistry or geophysics,
  • Produce multiple sections, including stepped offsets,
  • Create stacked sections on a single map,
  • Plot data down holes in plan, or section: numbers, text, profile, bar plot, lithology, numeric bands, text bands, tadpole plots, structural ticks, up to 8 data/graph type selections in each plot,
  • Grid data between holes using kriging or minimum curvature,
  • Combine plan and section plots,
  • Interpolate grid data profiles along sections,
  • Filter plotted data based on numeric value or lithology code.


Automatically generate legends with company logo, hole summary, plotted item summary, title block, scale bar and title information.

*The montaj Drillhole Plotting extension requires Geosoft’s Oasis montaj.

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