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Workbench Colour Scale Editor

The Workbench Color Scale Editor is a tool for customizing the colour scale of the selected visualization across sections, the QC tool, the GIS platform, PDF Creator, and 3D Viewer.

Key features

  • Open and edit built-in colour scales or create a new one.
  • Choose the number of colours and define each individual colour.
  • Create a smooth or discrete colour scale, linear or logarithmic.
  • Histogram feature with minimum/maximum values to easily select the colour scale limits.
  • Select the number of labels and define the label values and number formats.
  • Advanced colour scale creation by linking histogram and colour values to create an uneven distribution.
  • Preview functionality to see results before applying.
  • Interpolate the grid with a colour scale and choose the number of pixels.
  • Add shading or translucency to an image.
Resistivity map and profile of SkyTEM data
a screenshot from Workbench colour scale

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