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Workbench Borehole Logs

Import borehole lithology logs and geophysical logs for display on GIS, sections, and 3D Viewer. Use a resistivity log as a priori constraints in the SCI inversion. Borehole Logs is included in Workbench Essentials.

Lithology logs: key features

  • Import manually or from text files.
  • Import can include layer description, rock type description, rock type abbreviation, and colour.
  • Change rock type description and colour after import.
  • Search out boreholes by area or minimum drill depth.
  • Display on GIS, sections, and 3D viewer.
  • Resistivity logs in .las format can be used as a priori constraints for SCI inversion.

Geophysical logs: key features

  • Import geophysical logs in the .las 2.0 format.
  • Display logs side-by-side or together.
  • Add logs to sections to interpret with resistivity/conductivity models.
  • Display as bars or curves in the section.

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