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Visible Geology Ambassador Toolkit

Help empower the next generation of geoscientists

Earth sciences are at the forefront of helping solve some of our biggest challenges; from finding and managing precious water, to powering the energy transition, and the search for critical minerals. But as professional geoscientists are aging, enrolments in earth science courses are declining globally.

Visible Geology is Seequent’s free web application designed to revolutionise how geology concepts are taught and understood. Built harnessing the expertise of a leading entertainment studio, we aim to use Visible Geology to ignite a passion for earth sciences in our young people, so they are inspired to become the geoscientists of tomorrow.

And we need your help to spread the word.

Spread the word about Visible Geology

Promote Visible Geology to your connections on social media, at education events,
or by emailing your database. Download the ready-made assets below to get started.

And don’t forget to use the hashtag #VisibleGeology in your social media posts.

"I love the cross-section and borehole features. Visualising stereonets in 3D is a powerful tool - I haven't seen something this effective before."

Jason Williams, Teaching Assistant in Applied Geosciences, University of Leeds

Collaborate with like-minded earth science educators and enthusiasts and share how you’re using Visible Geology to teach and learn.

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