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Go from data to decision faster.

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Industry-leading software trusted by majors, juniors, and thousands of mining professionals around the world

It’s harder than ever to discover, define and develop deposits.

You need the best data, powerful analysis, collaborative modelling, and clear visualisations to make critical decisions for your project.

Explore Seequent solutions for your project:

Spend time on interpretation, not data

  • Rapidly integrate, communicate, and interpret geological data with Leapfrog’s industry-leading 3D modelling
  • Thousands of geologists worldwide count on Leapfrog Geo for geological modelling, data analysis, and drillhole planning
  • Intuitive workflows, rapid data processing, and visualisation tools bring teams together – and enable the discussions that drive decisions
  • Bring data in directly from other industry-leading applications, such as MX Deposit, Imago, and acQuire
  • Fully integrate resource estimation into your geological modelling

Our featured solutions:

Leapfrog Geo

Integrate, communicate, and interpret geoscience data with rapid, implicit 3D modelling.

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Leapfrog Edge

Fully integrate resource estimation workflows with geological modelling to make confident resource estimations

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Validated data and decisions, from the field to the office

  • Maximise the value of your data from capture to extracting insights
  • Make informed, business-critical decisions in real-time with data that’s connected, dynamic, and available to every stakeholder, everywhere
  • Collaborate to make smarter, faster decisions with a single source of truth that’s secure, connected, and dynamic

Our featured solutions:

Seequent Central

Visualise, track, and manage your geoscience data from a single centralised, auditable environment.

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Preserve critical insights and validate drilling investment decisions with your high-quality core imagery.

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MX Deposit

Collect, manage, share, and access your drillhole and sample data in the Cloud. Connect it to your modelling tool of choice for continuous optimisation of your geological models.

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Make confident subsurface decisions

  • Save time and money through optimised drillhole planning using geophysical analysis to close the gaps in your geological model
  • Comprehensive data processing workflows for over 50 data types, enabling integrated geophysical model interpretation
  • Inversion solutions for resistivity and IP data based on the fastest inversion algorithms on the market

Our featured solutions:

Oasis montaj

Clean, process, and interpret data with an industry-standard gravity and magnetics solution.

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AGS Res2DInv and Res3DInv

See results fast –process and invert your resistivity and induced polarisation data in a few clicks.

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AGS Workbench  

Tailor and refine every step of your EM, ERT, or IP workflow from raw data to final geophysical models, and present results confidently. 

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VOXI Earth Modelling

Visualise the deep subsurface with Cloud-powered geophysical inversion. 

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