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Worldwide, talented women continue to be changemakers in technology and innovation across their workplaces and communities.

Forging Change Via Technology speaks to how technology and education in the digital age empower women of all ages.

When we asked our team who they felt represented this International Women’s Day theme – the stories came flooding in!

Watch this space as we share the stories of inspiring Seequent women and their amazing impact.

Customer Solutions Specialist, Elisenda Rodriguez Perez is ‘an advocate for women in technology’


Eli is a strong advocate for elevating women in technology, in both her professional and personal life

As Imago Regional Champion, Eli is driving Cloud Data Solutions implementation and leads awareness campaigns across LinkedIn, as well as multiple in-person events, globally.

Based in the UK on the EMEA team, she is always looking for the best ways to shine a light on our talented women helping to forge change in technology.

Eli says she strives, “to echo the important role of women in the mining and tech industry to boost diversity and inclusion in the sector.”

Eli, seen here at the special clay mines in Mexico, brings Mining, Geomodelling, and Data management expertise to her role

Outside of her professional role, Eli is a co-founder of Quipiya, a Mexico-based non-profit focused on bridging the digital divide by engaging and empowering local schools and communities with access to digital tools.

Eli explains, “We founded Quipiya with the belief that access to education and technology are key drivers of social and economic development, and that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from them, regardless of their background.”

Elisenda’s view: Create positive change in the world

Eli acknowledges that to build a brighter future together, we must all foster a workplace in which everyone feels valued and respected.

“As a woman in technology, I am acutely aware of the challenges that we still face in this industry. But I’m also inspired by the incredible women who are leading the way and breaking down barriers.

At Seequent, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of these women, and to be part of a community that supports and uplifts one another.”

Eli is a co-founder of Quipiya, a Mexico-based non-profit focused on bridging the digital divide

Project geologist Nicole Casilla, is a ‘force to be reckoned with’ 

From organising multiple gatherings for women in her region, or sharing resources highlighting gender-related issues, to empowering women to Dress for Success, Nicole supports women to thrive in work and in life.  

“It’s privilege to work alongside her,” says Nicole’s team who describe her as inquisitive, open-minded and resourceful.

“With the curiosity, courage and initiative to see and do things differently, and bring positive change for women in the mining and technology industries.” 

Since starting her Perth, Australia-based role in August 2021, Nicole has worked to ensure a positive and valuable experience for Leapfrog customers. She addresses enquiries, provides training and collaborates with our technical team to develop a better workflow. 

Nicole and the team at the APAC (Asia Pacific) women’s lunch. 

Raising awareness about some of the challenges women face was recently top of mind for Nicole after a friendly discussion about gender pay inequality in Australia. It led her to think about how she could approach this sensitive subject in a positive way.

“Gender doesn’t define who can be a changemaker and this has inspired me to be a catalyst for change and positivity. I hope that this mindset can inspire the people in my life – change starts from within,” she says. 

Nicole’s view: The future of women in tech  

The future is bright – and I’m keen to be part of it! However, we’re still a long way from getting there. Her advice is to start with something small that can equate to something big in the future; 

Encourage professional development:  Endorse women to continue to develop their skills and knowledge through training and workshops. Support their professional growth and help them reach their goals. 

Be a mentor: Offer guidance, support and share your own experiences with other women in our team and industry – this will help them navigate future challenges.  

Be an advocate: A mentor can take many forms, such as a friend or co-worker, and can help you think through how to navigate your career more effectively. An advocate, on the other hand, is someone who will actively create opportunities for you to succeed. Be that person for anyone in your team – so they feel more valued personally and professionally.  

Create a safe space: Create an environment that is supportive for women, and men, in the workplace, where they feel comfortable sharing their ideas and concerns without fear of judgment.  

Nicole at Everest base camp, surrounded by colorful Nepali prayer flags.