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Worldwide, talented women continue to be changemakers in technology and innovation across their workplaces and communities.

Forging Change Via Technology speaks to how technology and education in the digital age empower women of all ages.

When we asked our team who they felt represented this International Women’s Day theme – the stories came flooding in!

Here, we share stories of inspiring Seequent women and their amazing impact across our four key regions, North America (NAM), Latin America (LAM), Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific (APAC).

Lisa Sarazin, Senior Director, Brand and Marketing , leads with strategy, empathy and empowerment

Lisa Sarazin Senior Director, Brand and Marketing

The empathetic leader

Giving her incredibly talented team the right tools to amplify their success is how Lisa describes her leadership role. “Whether that’s providing clarity of vision, the removal of a roadblock, or a new process to streamline efforts, I believe being solution-focused and open to feedback influences our team in a really honest and positive way,” she says. Since joining Seequent in November 2021, the native Canadian has quickly established herself as a conscientious, creative force.
“Our ambitious goals and high expectations should never lead to micromanagement or making solely data-driven decisions over connecting with people,” says Lisa.
Lisa balances her busy global team leadership role by connecting with nature and exploring the great outdoors together with her husband and German shepherd, Flora.

Climate change warrior

A choice rather than a chance led to Lisa’s role as Senior Director, Brand and Marketing at Seequent.
“This is the first time in my career I’ve actively sought employment in a company that promotes sustainability and works on solutions for a better tomorrow,” says Lisa.
“Knowing my work at Seequent promotes technology that’s helping create a better world for future generations has given me new hope and keeps me motivated in my personal life.”
Following in Maya Angelou’s footsteps who said, “When you know better you do better,” Lisa is on a mission to become an authority on climate change to better understand and focus on areas with the largest impact.
She actively seeks out open and thoughtful conversations on climate matters, encourages others to become changemakers and continuously works to expand her own knowledge on how large enterprises and political parties influence climate change.
Lisa has made major lifestyle changes, including purchasing only products that align with her values, reducing waste and recycling, picking up garbage when walking her dog and participating in A Greener Future’s Butt Blitz.
“And it’s driven me to think more critically about how I can make a difference; for example, recognizing how healthcare, women’s rights, and social policies can create a cycle of poverty that is not only fundamentally unfair but that contributes to climate change.”
a picture of a dog on earth day

Lisa’ view: Skills trump bias

Lisa believes women are gradually becoming more comfortable and confident about what they have to offer rather than trying to conform to the outdated moulds of the male-dominated workplace.
While progress has been made, she urges leaders to continue to identify and challenge their biases to accelerate changemakers regardless of their genetic makeup. As a result, she advocates recognising value and potential without bias.
“It’s vital my team feel appreciated and trusted, and I’ll continue to invest time in discovering new techniques to achieve a genuine sense of their feeling valued.”
A picture of Seequent CX team building

Lorraine Godwin, Regional Director – Environment, Civil and Energy Business Development (NAM)

Lorraine Godwin, Regional Director - Environment
Lorraine Godwin believes leading from the front is vital.
Growing up in a small town Lorraine had big dreams. With aspirations to be an astronaut, she enrolled with York University’s Space Science Program, in Toronto. The experience ignited a passion for exploration, and she graduated with a Bachelor of Geophysics.
«I reached for the moon and landed in the stars,” says Lorraine. “As changemakers, we must aim high to expand our universe and achieve more than we can imagine.”
Previously the Managing Director for Geosoft’s NAM region (with two years on their Board of Directors) Lorraine now leads the thriving, successful NAM team. And is celebrating a milestone 25 years on her incredible career journey!
Inspiring our future generation of changemakers
Lorraine’s conviction to inspire others, led to her creating the ROAR Club, empowering young tween and teen girls to lead, speak up and voice their opinions.
“My goal is to foster critical thinking, cultivate communication and presentation skills, and encourage teamwork and leadership. It’s so rewarding to watch young people’s personalities and confidence expand and grow. They are all future changemakers!”
Lorraine was the 2022 Bentley Founders’ Award recipient and is nominated for the Diversity, Equality, and Inclusivity Award for 2023.
Alongside her trailblazing accolades, another proud accomplishment was forming the Women’s Leadership Circle (WLC) with Jo Knight, now with a growing community of 200+ strong and talented women.
“We initiated WLC to ‘pay it forward’ and create a space to expand leadership skills, provide mentorship, and help other women unlock their true potential.”
A picture of the Seequent employees (NAM)

Lorraine and members of the NAM team (2023)

Lorraine’s view: Never stop learning and find a mentor
Lorraine believes Seequent wouldn’t be where it is today if we weren’t all changemakers in technology.
“It’s the marrying of great science and innovative software together with talented, passionate people who share the vision to create a better world that keeps this company thriving!”
From building sustainable infrastructure to finding mineral and hydrocarbon deposits. Detecting and mapping precious water resources, or uncovering ancient archaeological sites, Lorraine is fascinated by how our customers use geoscience data to model the subsurface of our Earth.
Not only would she like to see more women working in these kinds of technologies, but more women in leadership roles too.
“When we don’t see ourselves reflected in certain roles, it’s hard to imagine yourself there. We’ve come so far in terms of gender equity but it’s still a work in progress.”
Lorraine’s advice for future changemakers? “I’m a strong advocate for mentorship, to help us see what we may not, to push through our limiting beliefs, to unlock our potential and reach new levels of performance.”

Jo Knight, Chief Customer Officer, Executive Leadership team

Seequent CCO Jo Knight speaking at year in infrastructure

Chief Customer Officer, Jo Knight is a ‘highly motivated champion for equality and diversity.’

An integral part of the Executive Leadership team, Jo also leads the Customer Experience team working to the mandate of delivering seamless and intuitive experiences that matter to our customers.

With Seequent for the past six years, she brings 25 years of experience in marketing and consulting (public and private sectors) to her role.

Alongside a packed work agenda, and being a busy mother of three, Jo is serious about shifting the balance of equality and empowering women to be more confident and self-assured leaders.

In 2020, she co-founded Seequent’s thriving Women’s Leadership Circle (WLC) now with over 200 members and counting.

“We wanted to create a community for meaningful relationships, to expand leadership skills and career paths, provide mentorship, support, and inspiration and to improve diversity, inclusion, and equality,” says Jo.

“It’s blossomed into something really great, and we’ve joined forces with other groups (both inside and outside of Bentley) to continue to expand our network and build relationships.”

Jo’s convinced each interaction enhances people in different ways, “We learn so much from all the amazing people involved and the many experts who have joined our sessions and inspired us.”

A photograph of a group of people receiving an award at the 2022 Bentley's Year In Infrastructure Awards

Jo and the Seequent team at the Bentley 2022 Going Digital Awards.

Empowering women to be their best

Jo regards her senior executive position as a privilege that allows her to serve as a role model and mentor to other women aspiring to be successful leaders.

“If I can inspire just one woman to become a great leader, I will be happy,” she says.

Jo never runs out of enthusiasm and ideas. She believes encouraging and inspiring young women to pursue STEM subjects should begin at a grassroots level, in schools and colleges.

Research points to the many advantages of gender diversity in the workplace. She suggests evaluating ways to distinctly hire women, search for tactics to enhance their development and provide impartial career openings.

“Programmes such as the Women’s Leadership Circle are fantastic because when you build a community, great things happen and raising up voices that perhaps haven’t been heard before is powerful and inspiring to watch,” says Jo.

A photograph of Seequent's CPO, Jo Knight, alongside one of the 2022 Year In Infrastructure winners

Jo with Geraint Burrows Founder and CEO – Groundwater Relief

Jo’s view: Facilitating change for a better tomorrow

Jo is fascinated by Seequent’s unique pool of people with diverse thinking and experiences from multiple industries. She views this “rich assortment of different brains” as key to the company’s agility in solving complex technical problems and innovating on the edge.

As part of the Seequent team, she can directly promote the creation of crucial technologies that contribute to a better understanding of our earth and a more resilient future.

“I thrive on being part of a business that can help address such challenges,” she concludes. “And grateful to Seequent for such an amazing opportunity to help make a difference.”

Senior Technical Leader, Julia Oliveira is ‘impressively active and determined’

A headshot of Seequent employee,

Julia Oliveira

As Senior Technical Leader of Latin America, Julia supports her team to be their best, gives guidance on product best practices and helps customers conquer their unique challenges.

Originally from Brazil, Julia moved to Chile twelve years ago and has recently parted with her family to embark on a 6-month secondment in Vancouver, to share her expertise with the NAM team and learn more about North America’s market.

Impressively active and determined, she has a Taekwondo black belt 3rd degree, and taken on tremendous physical pursuits like the Torres del Paine – a challenging 11-day non-stop circuit walk.

Even when she’s exploring new sports and activities, her motto is to simply, «face the fear of failing.»

A photograph of Julia Oliveria hiking in Chile

Julia hiking in Chile 

Julia has been with Seequent for over 8 years, making her mark as one of two women in the LAM management team. She is recognised as a technological changemaker for her courageous move to Vancouver, highlighting just how passionate she is about her role.

Starting her career in the mining industry, she is always open to facing her challenges bravely and supporting her peers to do the same.

“I believe that challenges help us grow and be better beings. I do my best to listen to people and support others in achieving their goals; a rule is to always lead by example and be genuine and kind!” she says.

Inspired to be a technological disrupter

Julia acknowledges Seequent as a company that is “always being disruptive about our technology,” and inspires her to be a changemaker in other areas of own life.

Starting her journey as a Seequent customer in the original Leapfrog era, she realised the technology was a game-changer, paving a new way for the market to think about modelling and evolving day-to-day workflows.

“Every day, I’m inspired by the phrase ‘complexity to clarity,” she says,

In all areas of her life, Julia has her sights set on finding the path to clear solutions, even through the complexities of change.

No doubt this inspiration supports Julia as she currently works to finish her MBA, majoring in Technology, Leadership and Management 4.0.

A photograph of Julia Oliveria presenting on LeapFrog Geo at a conference for Seequent

Julia presenting at PDAC for 10 years of Leapfrog (2023)


Julia’s view: Inspire more women to work in tech

Being amongst the few women to work in exploration and MRM (Mineral Resource Mining), Julia believes that,

“We need to inspire more girls to be in tech, more ladies to be leaders and face the challenges, and how we do that is by sharing experiences and vulnerabilities.”

Sharing these experiences and vulnerabilities shows the true nature of the challenges we face and how it’s always possible to see them through with encouragement and hope.

Brazil Country Manager, Daniela Ximenes is ‘a passionate leader, mentor and mother’

A headshot of Daniela Ximenes, a member of the Seequent LAM team
Daniela Ximenes (2023)
“A beautiful journey,” and, “Learning adaptability, resilience, ownership, accountability and respect,” is how Daniela describes her past 10 years on the Latin American (LAM) team, based in Brazil.
A team that started from scratch in 2014 and has grown from two to 50 people in this time!
“As a small team, we had a ‘number 8 wire mentality,” says Daniela referring to the Kiwi (NZ) expression for a ‘can-do attitude.’
“It’s so rewarding to see the company grow and evolve – I feel incredibly grateful to lead such a full, diverse and amazing team.”
“And what could be more inspiring than working for an innovative tech company that helps businesses globally to better understand our earth’s geology – more sustainably?”
A photograph of the Seequent LAM team
LAM Team
Daniela’s view: Supporting changemakers in technology

As Brazil Country Manager, Daniela is responsible for business development and revenue across the region.

As her team’s mentor, she encourages, “looking forward and bravely adapting to the changes we face in our company – and in our lives.”

Daniela challenges and empowers her team to believe in themselves, be positive, think big, and have a growth mindset. ‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success,’ is a book she highly recommends reading.

“It’s rewarding to see people grow more confident and transform professionally and personally to achieve their full potential, especially those who may have started out shy or with, ‘impostor syndrome.’

Outside of her role at Seequent Daniela also mentors a women’s group in Brazil, called “Us for Them”. a mentoring program for women working to inspire, enhance, strengthen, and transform the personal and professional development of women seeking support.

As of May, 2022, Daniela is also a member of the board of directors of the LANZBC (Latin American New Zealand Business Council)

And her advice for women in tech?

“Women can do anything. Be bold. Be fearless. Believe in yourself and pursue your dreams.”
A photograph of
Daniela’s Family

Customer Solutions Specialist, Elisenda Rodriguez Perez is ‘an advocate for women in technology’

A photograph of Elisenda Rodriguez Perez  in a Seequent conference booth pointing to an Imago demonstration setup

Eli is a strong advocate for elevating women in technology, in both her professional and personal life

As Imago Regional Champion, Eli is driving Cloud Data Solutions implementation and leads awareness campaigns across LinkedIn, as well as multiple in-person events, globally.

Based in the UK on the EMEA team, she is always looking for the best ways to shine a light on our talented women helping to forge change in technology.

Eli says she strives, “to echo the important role of women in the mining and tech industry to boost diversity and inclusion in the sector.”

A photograph of  seen here at the special clay mines in Mexico, brings Mining, Geomodelling, and Data management expertise to her role

Eli, seen here at the special clay mines in Mexico, brings Mining, Geomodelling, and Data management expertise to her role

Outside of her professional role, Eli is a co-founder of Quipiya, a Mexico-based non-profit focused on bridging the digital divide by engaging and empowering local schools and communities with access to digital tools.

Eli explains, “We founded Quipiya with the belief that access to education and technology are key drivers of social and economic development, and that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from them, regardless of their background.”

Elisenda’s view: Create positive change in the world

Eli acknowledges that to build a brighter future together, we must all foster a workplace in which everyone feels valued and respected.

«As a woman in technology, I am acutely aware of the challenges that we still face in this industry. But I’m also inspired by the incredible women who are leading the way and breaking down barriers.

At Seequent, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of these women, and to be part of a community that supports and uplifts one another.»

A digital collage of various photographs showing statues, chalk art on floors, hummingbirds, women waving, and a cultural festival surrounidng a Quipiya logo with the tagline "inspirando apoyo"

Eli is a co-founder of Quipiya, a Mexico-based non-profit focused on bridging the digital divide

Project geologist Nicole Casilla, is a ‘force to be reckoned with’ 

From organising multiple gatherings for women in her region, or sharing resources highlighting gender-related issues, to empowering women to Dress for Success, Nicole supports women to thrive in work and in life.  

“It’s a privilege to work alongside her,” says Nicole’s team who describe her as inquisitive, open-minded and resourceful.

“With the curiosity, courage and initiative to see and do things differently, and bring positive change for women in the mining and technology industries.” 

Since starting her Perth, Australia-based role in August 2021, Nicole has worked to ensure a positive and valuable experience for Leapfrog customers. She addresses enquiries, provides training and collaborates with our technical team to develop a better workflow. 

Nicole and the team at the APAC (Asia Pacific) women’s lunch. 

Raising awareness about some of the challenges women face was recently top of mind for Nicole after a friendly discussion about gender pay inequality in Australia. It led her to think about how she could approach this sensitive subject in a positive way.

“Gender doesn’t define who can be a changemaker and this has inspired me to be a catalyst for change and positivity. I hope that this mindset can inspire the people in my life – change starts from within,” she says. 

Nicole’s view: The future of women in tech  

The future is bright – and I’m keen to be part of it! However, we’re still a long way from getting there. Her advice is to start with something small that can equate to something big in the future; 

Encourage professional development:  Endorse women to continue to develop their skills and knowledge through training and workshops. Support their professional growth and help them reach their goals. 

Be a mentor: Offer guidance, support and share your own experiences with other women in our team and industry – this will help them navigate future challenges.  

Be an advocate: A mentor can take many forms, such as a friend or co-worker, and can help you think through how to navigate your career more effectively. An advocate, on the other hand, is someone who will actively create opportunities for you to succeed. Be that person for anyone in your team – so they feel more valued personally and professionally.  

Create a safe space: Create an environment that is supportive for women, and men, in the workplace, where they feel comfortable sharing their ideas and concerns without fear of judgment.  

Nicole at Everest base camp, surrounded by colorful Nepali prayer flags.