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Bentley and Seequent are pleased to announce that the OpenGround Connector in Leapfrog Works is now out of the Early Adopter Program (EAP) and available to all Leapfrog Works users with an OpenGround account.

The OpenGround Connector allows Leapfrog Works users to connect a model to a project in OpenGround and import all borehole data to analyse in Leapfrog Works.  Users can import data from any of 200+ grids of data or saved searched in OpenGround and models can be updated seamlessly as more boreholes or data are added to a project.

Check out our Coffee Corner Webinar on September 8th to see OpenGround and Leapfrog action.

“We have been using the connector to import data into our models for a variety of projects as part of the Early Adopter Programme,“ says Mr Guillermo Mondejar, Geotechnical Engineer at Jacobs.  “The Leapfrog Works connector has saved us significant time over traditional file based methods  and the OpenGround integration with Leapfrog is especially powerful to initially, almost instantly, visualise the ground conditions for a project by viewing various data layers direct from the live OpenGround database. Additionally, when ground models need to be updated, to take account of additional phases of ground investigation data, this process is mostly automatic.”

Previously the connector was only available to users who had signed an Early Adopter Programme agreements with Bentley and Seequent.

“The API usage generated by the OpenGround Connector in Leapfrog Works  will now be included in the Core Service component of OpenGround and does not count towards an accounts API consumption.” Said Carl Grice, Director for Geotechnical Information Management. “Leapfrog Works is a very welcome member of the connected Apps that OpenGround now supports, significantly improving the flow of data between applications to further streamline subsurface modelling”

“Our Early Adopter Programme for Leapfrog has been very successful.” said Pat Mclarin, Seequent Segment Director for Civil, “The user feedback has been instrumental in shaping the functionality, and we are looking forward to working even closer with the OpenGround team and our users to improve the use of OpenGround geotechnical data within Leapfrog”

Users can use the OpenGround Connector from today by selecting the Import Boreholes the OpenGround Cloud option in Leapfrog Works and logging into OpenGround with their Bentley credentials.

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