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What can a Subscription Administrator do in MySeequent?

  • View all active subscriptions in the organization.
  • View details of the subscription including seats or components, expiry dates, and assigned users
  • Add an existing user to a subscription group
  • Remove an existing user from a subscription group
  • View details of an existing user including basic user details and assigned subscriptions.

Getting Started

Subscription Administration tools in My Seequent are designed to help you view and manage your Seequent subscriptions, including who has been granted access to Leapfrog applications.

If you are responsible for multiple organizations, select the organization from the available list.

Open the Subscriptions menu and select the Administration option to view all the active subscriptions and users associated with this organization.


The Subscriptions page shows a list of all active subscriptions.
Select a row to view the contents including components, seats, and users.

Click on the Subscription name to access the Details page.

In the Subscriptions Details you can assign existing users. Add users from your organization or remove users who no longer need access.

Note: When moving a user from one subscription to another, add the user in the new subscription first.
Removing a user from all subscriptions will remove them from the organization.

If you have a new user who is not in the list, please contact Support.


In the Users tab, you can view all users with subscriptions in your organization.

Click on the user’s name or invited label to view the User Details.