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In this video, we will demonstrate how to integrate a design for the geological model, to quantify the subsurface impact of the specific design using the combined models feature in Leapfrog Works.

Please note: In late 2020, Leapfrog Works received a significant update to its user interface. While the current version of Leapfrog looks quite different from the version used to record this video, most of this content is still valid as the layout, location of functions, and workflows remain largely the same. One noteworthy improvement is improved mesh/design handling that will now allow for more non-manifold meshes and designs to be used in downstream process such as the one described in this video. For more information about the latest new features, please see the Leapfrog Works product page (

0:00 – Introduction to integrating designs with geological models

0:39 – Step 1 – Creating a geological model from the tunnel design

2:20 – Step 2 – Creating a new Combined Model

3:19 – Step 3 – Viewing the lithology volumes inside the tunnel design

3:32 – Step 4 – Finding the volumes for lithologies within the tunnel design


4 min

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Video Transcript

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