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This online training seminar includes industry best practices for using UXO Land to process and interpret onshore geophysical survey data to locate and analyze unexploded ordnance targets.

New and experienced users alike will walk away with practical tips to improve their use of UXO Land.

Presenter Information
Laura Quigley, Technical Analyst, Seequent

Laura received her Bachelor of Science degree in Geophysics from Memorial University in Newfoundland and Masters of Science in Geophysics from the University of Toronto. Her professional career started with Fugro Airborne Surveys, processing and interpreting airborne geophysics data. She then worked for a marine seismic company where she participated in a number of research cruises to Greenland.

After completing her Masters degree in 2013, Laura moved to Australia where she worked for the University of Queensland on seismic projects for unconventional coal seam gas development, then moved to the Queensland University of Technology where she spent several years researching geodynamical processes through analogue modelling. Laura returned to Toronto, Canada in January 2020 to join Seequent as a Technical Analyst.

Presented by: Laura Quigley, Technical Analyst, Seequent (58:23)