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I need to model both hard and soft rock and my hard rock has faults in them. I need to limit the effect of the faults to the hard rock only.
Similar to this:


Create a boundary between hard and soft rock and use that as the youngest fault of the model. This allows you to limit all other faults using this horizontal fault.
When working with faults it’s always a good idea to create a copy first and test out the principle before applying it to the main model.

  1. In your geological model create a fault representing the boundary between hard and soft rock
    1. Create any other faults as needed
    2. Set up the interaction of the faults as needed
    3. Using the unconformity as the youngest one

  1. Activate the fault(s)
  2. Build each fault block as needed


  • This also allows for an effective barrier between soft and hard rock allowing for more creative surface generation on either side. Not strictly limited to stopping faults.
  • You could also use the fault blocks as separate lateral extents to individual models if needed. Building up the top vs bottom layer as individual geological models.

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