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I have added several images into the GIS Data And Maps folder along with my vector data. I have also created multiple views to drape on my topography.

In Leapfrog Viewer, I want to be able to toggle the different views I have created for my topography.

There is no direct way to reach that goal, but there are two different workarounds that might help you:

Option 1:  Keeping one scene

If you want to be able to toggle from one image to another within one scene, a solution is to have multiple topography meshes to drape your views on.

To do so, please right-click on your topography and select extract mesh parts.
You should be able to drape your image on the topography mesh that is in the meshes folder.

Also, once the topography is in your meshes folder, you can make copies of it and drape the different images you want on each copy.

Repeat this operation as many times as needed.

If you drag each of them in the scene and saved it this way, then you will be able to switch from one topography mesh to another in the viewer.
Option 2: Having  multiple scenes

Depending on how you want to see and manage your data, you can also create one scene per image /vector data you want to display in Leapfrog Viewer.

Then when you export, you can select all of the scenes you created to generate a unique Leapfrog Viewer file:

When you open the file, all the scenes should be available and you can toggle between them using the arrows at the top left of the screen:


For the first option, please note that you cannot drape created GIS line or polyline data on the mesh. However, if they are already at the topography elevation, you can drag and drop them in the scene.

They should be displayed as if draped on the topography. You can find more on this subject here:  How to drape created GIS data/polyline on a mesh in Leapfrog.

A third option is available and could be considered, as this functionality is available in WebViz. Seequent Central brings project teams remote or onsite together, meaning all critical project data and geological data can be visualised, tracked, and managed from a centralised, auditable environment. Teams can work together and simultaneously keep model’s updated regularly. With Central’s web visualisation capability, you can open and view models directly in the Cloud from a web browser and share your 3D projects with key stakeholders in seconds. Topographies uploaded to Central, will have their images, maps and vector data uploaded as well and available to be visualised and toggled between in WebViz.
For more information about Seequent Central, visit

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