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I need to intersect my design with a geological model in Leapfrog. With the goal to get 3D shapes and volume numbers for each unit inside the design.


This assumes that there is already a Geological model (lithology / alteration etc.) built.

  1. Import the Design as Designs
    • Check for self intersections and other warnings.

      Potentially good solid.

      This needs to be fixed.

    • Check the validity of the imported file using the properties.
    • If working with underground designs this will likely be imported as a negative volume, like in this case.
  2. Build a new Geological Model without a Base lithology and Enclosing the design

    • Create new lithologies as needed (ex. Planned excavation)
    • Create each design layer as a New Intrusion From Surface in this Geological Model
    • If the volume was negative from the source, you need to Flip the surface here, or set up the Chronology so that the correct volume will be created like this example.
  3. Activate the Surfaces to create Volumes
  4. Create a new Combined model in the Combined Models Folder
  5. Select the Design Model created in step 2 and the previously created Geological Model. Press OK
  6. Select the desired volumes from the list. Press OK
  7. View and use the results as needed.

If the design file is updated, simply reload it will trigger the update. It may be worth it to make a backup prior or importing a new version for checking.


  • This workflow assumes that the design solids (volumes) are valid inside Leapfrog. And that they are merged to a single object on export from the source software.

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