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Import and work with the same color gradient used in Oasis Montaj within Leapfrog.

1. Export the color gradient from Oasis:
1.1. In the Map Manager tool, double click on the desired grid.
1.2. When the Color Tool tab opens, click on the Save to file option and save the file in a format accepted by Leapfrog, such as *.tbl and *.lut.
2. In Leapfrog, right click on Colour Gradients folder> Import Gradient.
3. After importing the file, bring the grid of interest to the 3D scene (scene view).
4. In the list of objects, go to the pick list for selecting the used color gradient:

5. Then click Generate Intervals:

6. Apply the desired color gradient. The gradient imported in the format exported from Oasis will be available in the list in the Color Gradient field:

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