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To generate a shell around a specific surface to represent for example a fault zone.

Geological Model faults in Leapfrog [Geo/Works/Geothermal] are represented as 0 thickness surfaces.


Using the Distance Function to generate a constant thickness around a single or multiple surfaces.

  1. Built or import the surfaces.
  2. In the Numerical Models Folder select New Distance Function
  3. Select Which objects to use
  4. Set a decent resolution for the problem at hand in the Buffers tab
  5. Display and use the results

In this example a volume with a 50 distance has been generated around the faults to be used for other tasks.


  • A smaller resolution increases calculation time.
    • Smaller resolution also means more triangles. This may not be optimal when exporting to other software packages.
  • It could be useful to run each object individually and perform post cutting using Mesh Operations and/or a Geological Model.

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