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Export a single or multiple contours from a mesh based on downstream requirements. Generally used for export purposes as the example below.


Single Contour (one time)

  1. Create a plane on the needed level that intersects the required mesh(s) using the moving plane tool.
  2. Create a flat mesh from the meshes folder (From Moving Plane)
  3. In the “GIS data, Maps and Photos” folder, select New GIS line then From Intersecting Meshes.
  4. Select the Mesh and the Plane.
    1. Generally the mesh would be a volume.
  5. This generates a editable GIS line (not dynamic!) in the GIS folder.
    1. Exports in GIS folder.
  6. Extract to polyline if more export options are needed.
    1. This generates a Polyline of the same name in the Main Polyline folder. (Not dynamically linked).

Multiple Contours (dynamic)

  1. In the Cross Sections and Contours folder select New contours.
  2. Select the Mesh you wish to create contours on.
  3. Select the interval of contours (starts at 0 elevation)
    1. If an offset is needed indicate that.
  4. This generates a GIS type object of multiple contours that are dynamically linked to the source object.
  5. This object Exports as a Shape file.
    1. For additional formats;
      1. Export Contour Object
      2. Import in GIS Data, Maps and Photos folder
      3. Extract as Polyline
      4. Export from Polyline folder.

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