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I want to create a volume/mesh around my block model using only filtered data. I want to be able to export it as a .dxf afterward.

To achieve this, there is a bit of a workaround and you will not end up with a right-angled shape but it should still be representative of the block model data.

1) Evaluate data onto the block model and export it
You will first need to evaluate the data you want to use to sort your blocks onto your block model: right-click on the block model and select evaluation. Then select the data you want.

Afterward, you can export the blockmodel as csv as a CSV Block Model and select the items you need (leave the different option as default).

2) Import as point and create a filter 

Once the .csv has been created you can import it as points.
From there, you can create, on your Points data, a filter that suits your need: right-click on the points in the project tree and select New Query filter.

3) create a buffer function and export the output volume as dxf
The next step will be to create a buffer function around the filtered points.
Right-click on numeric models in the project tree and select New distance function. Select the block model points and in the general tab, select the filter you have previously created.
In the Buffers tab, you might want to choose a buffer distance that is equal to the size of your block since the point would be the centroid of the block.

Once your numeric model has been created, an output volume will be created and you should be able to export it as dxf.

This workflow can be used in the Leapfrog Works Contaminant extension.

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