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I would like to add the Seequent domains to the list of trusted sites. Or, I have run Leapfrog Start and would like to add the listed Seequent domains to my trusted sites.


If your computer is unable to communicate with the Seequent domains your ability to launch the application or use certain functions may be blocked. There are many reasons you may be blocked from accessing Seequent Domains, such as firewalls, proxy servers, or virus monitoring applications. Because Seequent isn’t able to anticipate all the potential root causes, when this occurs, it is recommended that you reach out to your I.T Team and provide them with this list of domains and ask them to “whitelist” them.

However, as a first step, you can try adding the domains to your Trusted Sites on your PC’s Internet Options.

NOTE: the steps below are for Windows 10. Each Window operating system’s steps may change slightly.

1. Open Internet Explorer.  In Windows 10 you can click Start and type “Internet Explorer.”
2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and choose ” Internet options ” from the list.
3. Go to the  Security tab and click on  Trusted sites .
4. Click the  Sites button.  You will be presented with a list of sites you have explicitly chosen to trust.  By default it is blank.
5. Add the sites to the list that you need to trust.

For example, you can add to the list, or instead you can try to add the domain as which will include all subdomains (sites) that are part of this site.

6. Click  Close and then  OK to save these changes.
7. Close and reopen your web browser and try to access the resource again.

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