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I would like to add a secondary email address to my Seequent ID.


I would like to access my subscription using a different email address then what was used when you were set up.


  1. Log in to Seequent ID with your original email address at
  2. If you are struggling to log in with your original e-mail address, please do a force logout by going to, then attempt login again and reset your password if required
  3. If you need to change your preferred login e-mail address, please navigate to ‘My Profile’


4. Under Manage Email add your new email address

5. For the new email address, select ‘Set as login’ and validate

6. Once validated, you will have access to the license groups you have been registered to. The email address associated with your Seequent ID will be the same for any Central, Leapfrog Geo, or Geosoft log in. Please note an email address can only be associated with one ID for security reasons.

7. Please email your Seequent account manager to confirm your corrected email address so we may update our records.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team [email protected].

Single Sign-On (SSO):
Seequent IDs whose email domains are attached to SSO are not allowed to change their sign in email address.
The sign in emails can be changed under special circumstances by contacting Seequent support, but such requests will require approval from your organisation’s license manager.

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