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Mundoro Capital Inc. (Mundoro) is a Canadian listed royalty generator and exploration company with a portfolio of projects focused on copper and gold. For its generative process the company typically outlines geochemical, geophysical and structural targets that appear promising and then forges partnerships, often with blue chip miners. Mundoro uses Seequent Central to engage with existing partners and interested third parties under confidentiality allowing them to access datasets that they can review and interact with in a 3D environment.

The Project

Mundoro’s portfolio in the western portion of the Tethyan Belt is primarily concentrated around the Timok Magmatic complex in eastern Serbia, along the Upper Cretaceous portion of the belt.

Mundoro’s CEO, Teo Dechev, explains, “Mundoro has always strived to implement, where applicable, new technology available to the mineral exploration process. Technology can be in the form of new hardware tools or software to facilitate interpretation of data collected from the field as well as visualisation of that data. An ideal scenario is the combination of different types of geoscientific data collected from various stages of the exploration process and brought together in a way that allows for an integrated review in a 3D environment. This is the opportunity we recognised in the Seequent Central platform.”

Mundoro uses Leapfrog Geo and Seequent Central to bring teams together to visualise, track, integrate and manage geoscience data from a centralised, auditable environment. Seequent Central provides an open platform to store, view and share any geoscientific data type. Mundoro uses Central to give potential and existing partners access to true 3D datasets, to increase engagement, trust and transparency and to help nurture successful partnerships.

Mundoro’s Senior Data Manager, Damyan Hristov explains,

Central has symbolically become central to our business. The main use is not just internal collaboration and model management, it enables us to have a centralised, online 3D project environment to collaborate with our partners and interested third parties.

Dechev adds, “It is essential that Mundoro can securely share data with interested third parties under confidentiality for due diligence as well as existing partners throughout the various exploration and drilling programmes.”


In early 2020 Mundoro decided to improve and standardise the data review environment, putting particular emphasis on 3D viewing capability on the client side in combination with centralised data access control. Mundoro’s Data Manager, Nemanja Smiljanic, explains, “Previously we would prepare separate data sets including maps, reports and datasets, but the information wasn’t interactive and usability wasn’t great. Also, reviewers could come from all sorts of backgrounds, if you’re a trained geologist you get a sense of 3D even if you look at a PDF but it’s hard for the non-technical.

We live in a 3D environment, we need to provide the opportunity for potential investors to visualise easily.”

Damyan Hristov adds, “I’ve been a reviewer myself and have been presented with a pile of documents and you need to form an initial opinion of whether this opportunity is worthwhile in a short time frame, often putting it in 3D yourself to review it properly. And you might not just have one project to review, putting additional limitations on time.”

Mundoro needed a solution that would open up access for multiple parties whilst allowing complete access control and usage tracking. Explains Damyan, “We were looking for an environment where a user could interact with the data, display and choose what and how to display and so on. After carrying out thorough research on available platforms Central was the only solution that ticked all of the boxes, allowing us to publish an entire Leapfrog project and provide the different access permissions, event logs and security.”

Screenshot depicting a typical view within Central of a data set shared with potential partners for review.


Central was implemented in Mundoro in 2020 at a time when there were multiple projects ready for review with multiple reviewers needing to interact with data sets. To meet this demand, Central was up and running in a matter of weeks. Projects were simply shared from the Central Portal where everyone opened and interacted with data directly in their web browser or by using the Central Browser, wherever they were and with no or little prior Central know-how.

Using Central, Mundoro was able to remove the initial burden faced by users of making sense of lots of data. In just an hour or two different third parties under confidentiality were able to view what was available in the project and see it in 3D with geology, geophysics, topography, infrastructure, and other data types no longer presented in isolation. They were able to see what data had been collected and also get an impression of data quality.

Explains Nemanja Smiljanic, “Users are able to overlay different data in an environment that is readily presented to them from day one. People are on board quickly and more easily and it is easier for us to prepare a single project with all the information where previously we would prepare lots of individual maps, reports and datasets. It is also easier for a user to have everything in one place.”

Central is used by Mundoro’s entire technical team which includes their Vancouver head office and operations in Serbia and Bulgaria who all rely on Central to hold all their projects, data and modelling.

Damyan says, “In Central we are able to overlay all of the information, even including tiny pieces of data can really make a great change in your thinking regarding targeting and can lead to discoveries.”


Seequent Central allows Mundoro to effectively share and showcase projects with potential partners, driving engagement. Mundoro also utilises Central to enable partners in projects to stay up to date with drilling as it happens and to collaborate over decision making from any location. The technical team collaborates weekly using the 3D Central environment to develop targeting concepts faster and more easily.

Central Product Manager, Peter Joynt, comments, “It’s fantastic that Mundoro is pioneering the use of Central to share data sets with third parties leading the way for others to experience similar benefits. Aside from providing access to external partners Central provides similar benefits for internal stakeholders, both senior executives and board members who can easily access data and share in the excitement of discovery, aiding communication and seamless collaboration with unlimited storage and frictionless security.”

Benefits of using Central

  • Securely store, share, and provide version control for all types, formats and sizes of geoscientific data
  • Enable different teams and stakeholders to collaborate around varied geoscientific data
  • Bring the “single source of truth” benefit of Central to the file’s perspective
  • Ensure data connectivity through integration: Leapfrog – Central – Oasis montaj
  • Set the right permission levels to ensure data is only accessed by the correct people
  • Drive engagement by easily sharing data and providing a single storage location

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