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In this webinar, we will discuss technical challenges faced by mining companies and how consultants can drive technological innovation to resolve these challenges for client organisations.

We present an interview with Findlay Craig, a senior consultant with SRK Consulting, Vancouver, to discuss:
1. What are some of the common technical challenges and how to overcome them
2. A business case on how to be more efficient, streamline processes and workflows for success by use of technology
3. How Seequent Central can help enable innovation in the industry
We will also demonstrate the capabilities of Seequent Central focused on the needs of consultants, regarding individuals as well as larger organisation.
By watching this webinar, you will gain a real insight into how consulting companies, like SRK Consulting, are driving innovations to provide better value to their clients.
Findlay Craig – Senior Consultant (Structural Geology), SRK Consulting Vancouver
Findlay specialises in the generation of complex 3D structural and lithological models, with over 10 years of experience in the field. He has completed 3D models for multi-disciplinary purposes, including resource, geotechnical and groundwater studies, for projects ranging from detailed design areas in a mine to regional scale models, while based in the UK, Australia and Canada.
Janina Elliott – Ph.D., M.Sci Geol, (Global Central Technical Lead) at Seequent
Janina is a geoscientist and holds a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of British Columbia. During her research in Canada and the SW Pacific region she specialised in the geochemical exploration of Au-Cu deposits. Janina has been with Seequent for over 6 years as a technical expert and is currently spearheading initiatives as the Global Technical Lead for Central. She is actively working with geoscience professionals across organisations in helping them drive technological innovation.


46 min

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