This course will provide you with the fundamental skills to process, visualize and interpret surface and drillhole data within Target for ArcMap.

Participants will learn to use key surface mapping tools, including importing data and assigning projection information, symbolising point data, and creating and displaying gridded data and contours.

The course also focuses on quickly and easily creating Quick Maps and shape files for plan maps, section maps, fence diagrams, strip logs and 3D views. Working with prepared drillhole projects, participants will explore additional topics for managing, mapping and modelling drillhole projects.


3 Days


Working knowledge of ArcMap10

Key Topics

Mapping Surface Data

  • Creating an MXD and Adding Data
  • Displaying Data
  • Creating Gridded Data
  • Creating Geosoft Contours

Managing Drillhole Data

  • Creating a Drilling Project and Importing Data
  • Working with Geosoft Databases and Profiles
  • Using QA/QC Tools
  • Creating Composite Databases
  • Using Drillhole Data Management Tools

Mapping Drillhole Data

  • Selecting Drillholes
  • Creating a Plan Map
  • Creating a Section Map
  • Creating a Stacked Section Map
  • Creating a Fence Diagram
  • Creating a Strip Log
  • Creating a 3D Map

Implicit Modelling

  • Creating Voxels
  • Creating Isosurfaces
  • Creating a Lithology Voxel and Contact Surface from Geology
  • Extracting Slices from a Voxel
  • Working with Geosoft 3DV Files

Explicit Modelling

  • Creating a fGDB and Adding Feature Classes
  • Geological Interpretation and Wireframing
  • Digitizing Interpretations on Section Maps
  • Editing Feature Classes
  • Wireframing Interpretations

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