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Target Fundamentals for ArcGIS Pro Training CourseThis course will provide you with the fundamental skills to process, visualize and integrate surface, subsurface and drillhole data within Target for ArcGIS Pro.

In this course, participants will learn the fundamental tools for mapping and visualizing Geoscience data using Target for ArcGIS Pro:.

  • Import, visualize and interpret drilling data from standard industry data sources or generic formats.
  • View drillhole data by numeric or categorical attributes in 2D maps and 3D scenes.
  • Create multiple cross sections to view your Geology in 3D.
  • Incorporate subsurface datasets to your project for increased understanding and geological context.
  • Share and collaborate using Esri’s online workflows and Geospatial Cloud offerings


1 Day


A working knowledge of ArcGIS Pro for version 2.4 or higher

Key Topics

  • Creating a Project and Importing Data
  • Working with Geoscience Raster Data
  • Importing and working with Surface Data
  • Importing and Visualizing Drillhole Data
  • Symbology – Import, Assign Manage Geoscience symbology
  • Downloading and Integrating Open Geoscience Data

Working in 3D

  • Visualizing Drillhole Data
  • Importing 3D Models and Meshes
  • Working with subsurface Geoscience data

Cross Sections

  • Creating Single and Multiple Sections
  • Section Views
  • Creating a Section Map Layout


  • Packaging a Project

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