Geosoft Target for ArcGIS and Geochemistry for ArcGIS extensions support the following data and image formats

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Colour image formats

  • ER Mapper formats (ALG, ECW)
  • GeoTIFF Image (TIF)
  • GIF (GIF)
  • JPEG 2000 (J2K and JP2)
  • JPEG format (JPG)
  • Portable Network Graphics Format (PNG)
  • Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)
  • Targa Image (TGA

Drillhole data import formats

  • acQuire
  • ASCII data files, CSV
  • Database table files (single or all tables)
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Geosoft XYZ data files
  • ODBC database connection

Grid and Raster formats

  • DEM formats (GLOBE, ETOPO5, USGS)
  • EOSAT formats (Fast, MSS)
  • ER Mapper grids (ERS)
  • ESRI Binary grid (ADF)
  • Landmark ZMAP (DAT)
  • Geopack (GRD)
  • Geosoft grid files (GRD)
  • Geosoft Hypergrid (HGD)
  • Grid eXchange Format (GXF)
  • Surfer grid file (GRD)
  • Texaco Startrax (GRD)
  • World Geoscience (H)

Spatial data import formats

  • ArcGIS layer files (LYR)
  • ArcGIS Shapefiles (SHP)
  • AutoCAD DXF files (DXF)
  • MapInfo TAB or MIF files