You might be using another identity and have been recently asked to migrate to using a Seequent ID. To access Seequent products & services you are required to use your Seequent ID when signing in.

Geosoft Identity

I have a Geosoft ID. What do I do?

If you haven’t already done so, please reset your password. You will also receive an email in early October 2019 directing you to re-set your password at which time your Geosoft ID will seamlessly become your Seequent ID, giving you access to the same great content and resources you had with My Geosoft and more! You will receive the same one-time password re-set prompt upon signing in to your Geosoft products.

Leapfrog Identity

I have a Leapfrog ID. What do I do?

Leaprog ID’s were converted to Seequent ID – Use your existing Leapfrog ID to sign in – things will just look a little different.

Multiple Identities

I have both a Leapfrog ID and a Geosoft ID. What do I do?

From October 7th, 2019 you have been able to seamlessly sign into the new MySeequent with your current Leapfrog ID email address and password, noting that the next time you sign in things will look a little different.

I need to combine multiple Seequent IDs

Get in touch with our support team, who will be able to help.

What is Seequent ID?

Seequent ID the new way to authenticate and authorize access to your Seequent products and data. Coupled with MySeequent –  the gateway to an integrated and connected environment where you can share ideas and collaborate with peers.

About Seequent ID