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Great daily rates pricing for each unique Seequent ID is $140 USD per day for Leapfrog Geo, and $240 USD per day for Leapfrog Energy with no charge for usage of 10 minutes or less in a 24 hour period.

Seequent ID offers a contemporary, cost-effective, and more highly personalised experience with better transparency and enhanced security.

Great daily rates pricing for each unique Seequent ID is $140 USD per day for Leapfrog Geo, and $240 USD per day for Leapfrog Energy with no charge for usage of 10 minutes or less in a 24 hour period​.

Only pay  for what you consume. At the end of each month, you will be invoiced for only the days you used.

Capped each month for each unique Seequent ID, charges are capped at 15 days per calendar month.

No hidden surprises use MySeequent to keep track of your exact usage and you will only be billed for exactly that. ​

Work to budgets see all of your reference/project codes in MySeequent so you can easily on-charge to each project or client as necessary.

Access to extensions now at sign in, you have the option to add any Leapfrog Geo and Leapfrog Energy extensions at an additional daily charge.

Need to work offline? No problem! Check out any days you need and once you release your seat we will only charge the days you actually used.

See how to track your usage in MySeequent

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What are Seequent ID and MySeequent?

At Seequent our goal is to enable you to work seamlessly throughout the lifecycle of your projects. Your unique Seequent ID is a simple, secure sign- in to access all of your personalised resources and solutions. And the gateway to MySeequent – an integrated and connected environment where your community of users can share and collaborate.

How do I set up Seequent ID?

Seequent solutions are accessed via a unique Seequent ID. For new users, a simple set up process will prompt you to create your ID, sign in and then select which of the available solutions you would like to use for your current session. Deployment is quick and flexible with the solutions available to users controlled by the organisation’s administrator.

Signing in with Seequent ID connects you to our cloud-based server for authentication and authorisation and the option selections for that session.
For current users without a Seequent ID, you can set one up here:
Please use the same email we contacted you on so that we can set-up your entitlement. Or contact Seequent Support to let us know who from your organisation needs access.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use Seequent’s solutions?

You do need an internet connection to successfully sign in when you initially run the software. However, it is possible to go offline for multiple days at a time. Just select the number of days you need when you first sign in with the software. Offline usage is captured when users come back online.

How will I be charged?

Only pay for Leapfrog with each use, with the flexibility to ramp up for the needs of a project without the risk of committing to upfront software costs. There is no limit on the number of users that can access the software at once.

When you sign in, your Consultants Daily subscription lasts for 24 hours, beginning when each user runs Leapfrog continuously for more than 10 minutes. We suggest that users check out a single day at a time, unless going offline, and don’t release the seat when closing Leapfrog. If you do release your seat and check out another seat in the same day, you will only be charged once for the 24hr period.

Now when you check out days so you can work offline, you will be only charged for the days that you accessed your seat.

Consultant access is subject to an initial account set up fee for new accounts, and consumption is billed at the end of each month. For those with variable levels of project work, daily pricing provides assurance that you can scale to meet the workload demands, while reference code logging makes it easy to track and pass on the costs to a project or client if desired.

What are costs?

Pricing is $140 USD per day for Leapfrog Geo, and $240 USD per day for Leapfrog Energy. Prices are capped at 15 days or $2,100 for Leapfrog Geo and $3,600 for Leapfrog Energy per Seequent ID per calendar month. An extension selected at login is an additional charge over and above for that day (see below for the extensions available and their prices).  Any offline days that fall outside the billing period will be charged for the next time you sign into Leapfrog with internet connection. We recommend only going offline if you need to, to keep your monthly invoices up to date. There is a one-time activation fee of $360 USD for Leapfrog Geo and Leapfrog Energy.

What additional extensions are available for Leapfrog Geo and Leapfrog Energy?

Leapfrog Geo with a Consultants Daily subscription has the following extensions available:

Leapfrog Edge:

  • $59 Daily
  • $885 Maximum capped monthly charge


  • $37 Daily
  • $555 Maximum capped monthly charge


  • $37 Daily
  • $555 Maximum capped monthly charge

ioGAS Link:

  • $13 Daily
  • $195 Maximum capped monthly charge

Maptek Link

  • $5 Daily
  • $75 Maximum capped monthly charge

Leapfrog Energy with a Consultants Daily subscription has the following extensions available:

ioGAS Link:

  • $13 Daily
  • $195 Maximum capped monthly charge

These extensions are available on-demand at login and charged for in addition to the daily Leapfrog Geo cost. Access to these extensions is subject to the standard Seequent Product Terms available at

Example of costs:

A Consultant only using Leapfrog Geo with no extensions:

  • Leapfrog Geo: $140/day until maximum capped monthly charge is reached (15days) – $2100/month
  • Max monthly charge is $2100

A Consultant using Leapfrog Geo with Leapfrog Edge extension:

  • Leapfrog Geo: $140/day until maximum capped monthly charge is reached (15days) – $2100/month
  • Leapfrog Edge: $59/day until maximum capped monthly charge is reached (15days) – $885/month
  • Max monthly charge is $2985

A Consultancy using Leapfrog Geo with more than one user:

  • User 1 uses 15 days of Leapfrog Geo – $2,100
  • User 2 uses 10 days of Leapfrog Geo – $1,400
  • User 3 uses 1 day of Leapfrog Geo + 1 Day of Leapfrog Edge – $199
  • Monthly charge is $3,699

Can I work on more than one device without being charged?

You can use two devices in a day  per  Seequent ID allowing the user to switch device, but not so that both can work at the same time. Additional devices will be charged as additional days.

How can I open Leapfrog Viewer without being charged?

Leapfrog Viewer is the application where scene files exported from Leapfrog modelling products can be viewed.
To launch Leapfrog Viewer without using an assigned subscription:
1. Open the Leapfrog application as usual – your preferred browser window will open, showing the sign-in dialog.
2. In the ‘Organisation’ drop-down menu, choose your name – the ‘Product’ field will change to Leapfrog Viewer.
3. Choose the number of days you wish to check out.
4. Click ‘Get started’ – the Viewer application will open.
See also Knowledge Base article: How to access Leapfrog Viewer 2023.1

Can I share my Seequent ID?

Seequent ID is your identity with Seequent. It allows a personalised experience, and it is not permitted to share within an organisation. Every user must have their own Seequent ID. These are easy to set-up and give every user at your organisation untethered access to Leapfrog.

Is Consultants Daily available to anyone?

No, Consultants Daily is only available for verified Consultants. To start the process of being verified, please contact us today at [email protected].

What is MySeequent?

MySeequent is a secure, comprehensive user portal that allows tailored access to all information from knowledge base articles to product downloads, to a community of fellow users.
Via MySeequent, you can;

  • Enjoy single sign in to all Seequent products and resources.
  • View your usage so there are no invoice surprises.
  • View your projects codes.
  • Access all solutions you are entitled to and learn about new solutions.
  • View e-learning content and solution documentation, search the knowledge base, submit a support request and post comments or feedback in the Forum.

In addition, designated administrators will be able to view what types of seats and permissions your organisation has.

For further help and support, contact your local Seequent representative.