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Oasis montaj release notes

Oasis montaj 2023.1

Introducing Oasis montaj 2023.1, where efficiency and collaboration take centre stage. Preserve grid values with native support for  industry standard floating point and cloud-optimised GeoTIFF file formats and improve collaboration, compatibility, and data sharing across geospatial tools and platforms.

Here is what else you can do with Oasis montaj 2023.1

  • Improve accuracy and control over grid boundaries with harmonised spatial extents and consistent parameters across methods.
  • Easily import your SEG-Y data regardless of structure and display curved sections in GM-SYS 2D.
  • Assess the effectiveness of detection methods and algorithms by synthetically seeding data in UX-Analyze.
  • Share projects and track changes with Leapfrog users by uploading files directly to Leapfrog Central file storage.
  • Experience an improved gravity processing workflow with Gravity and Terrain Correction improvements.


2023.1 Release notes

Gif of Floating point GEoTIFF support in Oasis montaj 2023.1

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Floating point GeoTIFF support

Share and collaborate on geospatial projects with native support for the industry-standard file format, GeoTIFF. Convert grids to floating point GeoTIFF and optimise them for the cloud. Improve collaboration, compatibility, and data sharing across geospatial tools and platforms.



Oasis montaj Grid Data Tool feature for 2023.1 release

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Gridding improvements

Improve accuracy and control over grid boundaries with the gridding tool improvements. Harmonise spatial extents so that different datasets or grids cover the same area. Move between gridding methods more easily with new parameters and consistent parameter names across methods.

A screenshot from Oasis montaj showing seismic integration in OM and GM-SYS

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SEG-Y improvements

Easily import your SEG-Y data into Oasis montaj, no matter the structure. Specify the data type, custom header locations, and coordinates, and display distorted SEG-Y sections in 2D. Work with non-standard SEG-Y files quickly.

A screenshot from workflow in UX-Analyze showing Synthetically Seed Dynamic Data

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Synthetic seed workflow in UX-Analyze

Assess the effectiveness of detection methods and algorithms by synthetically seeding data in UX-Analyze.   Generate quality control statistics on correctly locating and classifying seeds and add a forward (synthetic) model to a static dataset to improve evaluation accuracy and reliability of static data.

A screenshot showing Gravity Bathymetry Merge improvements in oasis montaj

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Gravity improvements

Increase productivity and efficiency with bug fixes and a streamlined Gravity and Terrain Correction Extension workflow.

  • Merge bathymetry data with digital elevation models (DEM) to create a view of underwater and land topography.
  • Simulate absolute gravity values for specific locations.
  • Expose the Bouguer anomaly gravity constant and specify overburden thickness.
  • Define custom date and time channels.
  • Make use of updated sample data from the CG-6 Autograv gravity meter.

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New Projections and workflow improvements

Updated projections:

  • OSGB & GDA94
  • South Africa Zones 26 to 28 & LO-15 to 33
  • Timbalai 1948
  • Borneo triangulation
  • Mollweide
a screenshot of oasis montaj Interoperability with Leapfrog via Central

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Interoperability with Leapfrog via Central

Share data and track changes with Leapfrog users by uploading files to Leapfrog Central file storage so that Leapfrog users can easily import the files. Upload grids, voxels, and surfaces to Central so that Leapfrog users have complete accessibility.

Oasis montaj 2023.1 addresses the following issues

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CN: 00066379 Abort no longer occurs when applying a math expression that contains concatenated strings. Related to: <GetBuffer_MTE>
CN: 00066674 In ‘Coordinate System’, when assigning the South African Survey Grid projection, the zones 24 to 26 deg East. and 26 to 28 deg East. are available under both Lesotho and South Africa tree nodes.
CN: 00077610 Abort no longer occurs when importing UBC 2D IP files with missing data in the topography file. Related to: <sAtod_GS>
CN: 00079049 Displaying a GeoTIFF floating point file as an image (Display on Map | Image) provides the appropriate error message and advises to use the Display on Map | Grid menu option instead.
CN: 00089647 The gridding parameters are retained when switching between different databases in the’ Grid Data’ tool.
CN: 00090073 In Seeker’s Download page, the option to reproject to the current map remains enabled when the Area of Interest (AOI), set initially to the current map extents, is modified.
CN: 00091613 The options under the ‘Map Tools’ menu (e.g., ‘Line Path’) produce correct results when
databases contain non-English characters
CN: 00095670 The dynamic search in the ‘Coordinate System’ tool populates the tree nodes with all the
relevant CS (coordinate system) entries that contain the entire search string.
CN: 00098806 In the ‘Grid Data’ tool, the spatial extents parameters are available for all the gridding
CN: 00106149 Oasis montaj no longer crashes on exporting plan map groups to a 3D DXF file.
CN: 00110295 When importing a 3D SEG-Y file, the X & Y coordinates are no longer restricted to positive values.
CN: 00110442 The error “The ‘22289’ EPSG code is invalid or not supported …” is no longer triggered when importing an MX-Deposit project in the ‘Cape Lo29’ coordinate system.
CN: 00130435 Crooked section grids are displayed and correctly georeferenced in 2D section views.
CN: 00132050 In the ‘Import SEG-Y’ tool, the vertical distance units are scaled to match the horizontal units before the output files (section grids, voxels) are generated.
CN: 00136645 In Seeker, the URL for the DAP Server ‘Geological Survey of Canada – Geoscience Data
Repository for Geophysical’ has been updated to “”
CN: 00114755 In the ‘Import SEG-Y’ tool, you have the option to specify custom data types and non-standard trace-header locations
CN: 00144217 local datum transform “[GDA94] (3m) Australia – GDA [TRF-GDA94 to WGS84 (2)]” displays the correct rotation (Rx, Ry, Rz) parameters; in agreement with
CN: N/A In ‘Coordinate System’, the Mollweide projection/ coordinate system information can be
retrieved from an ESRI (*.prj) file
CN: N/A Support for the Mollweide projection has been added: “Mollweide Sphere” and “Mollweide (world)” are available as Geographic and Projected coordinate systems.
CN: N/A The “Date modified” stamp for a Grid and its associated files (*.grd, *.gi, and *.xml) is no longer updated if the grid file is not modified.

Geosoft Extensions

GM-SYS Profile Modelling

CN: 00033258 Crooked section grids are displayed and correctly georeferenced in GM-SYS Profile models.

GM-SYS 3D Modelling

CN: 00118592 Retrieving a GM-SYS 3D model from a Seequent Central project no longer triggers an
upgrade request when the model is opened.

GM-SYS Profile Modelling & GM-SYS 3D Modelling

CN: 00119226 Oasis montaj no longer crashes when a GM-SYS 2D/3D Document that resides in a hidden folder is opened

Gravity and Terrain Correction

CN: 00082479 The global survey parameters are honoured in gravity workflows; changes made in the
‘Survey Parameters’ dialog propagate to all applicable Gravity and Terrain Correction GXs.
CN: 00107429 When importing gravity survey data in Geosoft RAW file format, the instrument height
channel in the database is no longer labelled as “Alt”
CN: 00132179 In ‘Average Repeats’ (Gravity and Terrain Correction extension), you have the option to
calculate the repeats for the current line, selected lines, or all lines in the current database
CN: 00132179 Gravity base station data (Type ‘0’, Station ‘9999’) is no longer appended when merging
gravity survey databases with a master gravity database.


CN: N/A In UX-Analyze, new tools are available to add a synthetic seed response to static data,
synthetically seed a dynamic dataset, and to generate QC seed statistics.
CN: N/A In ‘Dynamic Data QC’, the generated report file contains the statistics for each survey line; the default for the ‘Id’ channel is “UXA_UNQIUE_ID”.


CN: 00119454 Abort no longer occurs when selecting the Colour Tool on a VOXI layer in 3D Viewer; an error message is displayed on an attempt to open a VOXI inversion document with missing internal data files. Related to: <CInteractiveColourManagerVoxel::ipVOX>


2022.2 Release notes

UAV survey import workflow

Take advantage of the new, complete UAV survey workflow by planning your survey outside Oasis montaj and easily importing it, then level and merge your UAV sorties to harness the processing power of Oasis montaj.

Airborne QC workflow improvements

Create the safest, most economically viable survey plan resulting in the highest quality data with the updated, user-friendly Airborne QC Extension.

UXO marine side scan sonar support

Leverage side-scan sonar and refine your UXO target list by adding it to your integrated interpretative environment alongside magnetic data in UXO Marine.

UX Analyze HDF V1 & dynamic classification workflow

Streamline your UXO classification workflow and comply with industry standards by importing raw HDF Version 1 data files and perform dynamic classification with dynamically collected data with sensors capable of one-step classification.

2D section viewer

Visualize data like never before with the new 2D section viewer and compare profiles along modelled voxel slices. Visualise, analyse, and interpret measured and modelled data in one interface with this simple and intuitive new tool. A Geophysics or EM Utilities Extension license is required to use the new 2D Section viewer.

Oasis montaj 2022.2 addresses the following issues

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CN: 00069010 The warp is no longer removed when a grid georeferenced with the ‘Attach Warp to Grid’ option is added to a 3D View.
CN: 00078650 The Statistics tool reports on additional statistical calculations, including the median, for both scalar and array channels.
CN: 00092968 In the Grid Data tool (Preview tab), the Auto-Refresh selection is remembered on subsequent uses of the tool.
CN: 00113790 Initialization code issues have been resolved in the Color Tool, and parameter fields are populated as expected.
CN: 00114012 The generalized derivative (Grid and Image > Filters) is correctly calculated and shows no directional bias (independent of the variations in X & Y) when Φ is set to 90.
CN: 00118189 The import of an ASCII file (Database > Import > ASCII) no longer fails when creating a template file (*.i3); an empty error message is no longer displayed.
CN: 00118971 The error “A Windows.Form GUI exception occurred. Map not accessible” no longer occurs on interactively locating the colour bar of a shaded grid on the map.
CN: 00119319 The errors “Error reading Surfer7 Grid … Bad data block tag…” or “Unknown parameter “PIXEL” in the Dat String…” are no longer triggered when attempting to display or convert a Surfer grid file (GRD).
CN: 00119906 In ‘Grid Data,’ a variogram plot is generated when the gridding method selected is “Kriging”.
CN: 00124428 Exporting a large database with array channels to a CSV file correctly reads all the elements from the exported array channels to the output file.
The silent install of Oasis montaj (using a script and a silent command) works as expected on machines that do not have .NET 4.8 installed.

Geosoft Extensions

2D Filerting

CN: 00114012 In 2D Filtering, the generalized derivative is correctly calculated and shows no directional bias (independent of the variations in X & Y)

Airborne Quality Control

CN: 00060365 The Airborne QC results are plotted in unique colors, and the user can change the designated colour.
GPHX-1822 The error “A topography channel is required if the maximum elevation is defined” is no longer triggered when running the ‘Altitude Deviation’ tool without a topography channel.
GPHX-2579 In the ‘Altitude Deviation’ dialog, you can choose between a ‘Flight elevation channel’ and a ‘Terrain clearance channel’ to define the vertical position.
Gravity and Terrain Correction
CN: 00082479 In ‘Import Gravity Survey,’ the date format can be specified for CG-6 imports.
UAV Merge Sorties
GPHX-1560 ‘Define Sortie Subareas’ can specify the size of sorties based on endurance time and airspeed.
CN: 00076688 ‘Background Location Validation Test’ reads the low gate values from both SBR and SMD data and provides a clear message and workflow when the two have different low gate values.
CN: 00076688  ‘Background Location Validation Test’ warns if the background difference window contains missing data (dummy values) and advises to select difference gate values
CN: 00115639  Calculate Background Database QC Stats flags measurements with transients that do not decay (flatlined data).
[NS-2615]  The error “Input string was not in a correct format” no longer occurs in ‘Create Polarization Plots with Library.’
[NS-3043]  Abort no longer occurs when processing large dynamic data. Related to:<sCheckDummy_GS>
[NS-3222]  ‘Determine Coherence Anomaly Threshold’ can be executed as a script from the Command Prompt (cmd executable).
[NS-3301]  ‘Process Dynamic IVS Data’ uses a suffix when naming output maps, grids, and plots.
[NS-3302]  In ‘Process Dynamic IVS Data,’ you can choose what anomaly grid is used to pick the target locations: amplitude (monostatic), model coherence, or both.
UXO Land & UXO Marine
CN: 00119098 ‘Velocity Calculation’ no longer issues the warning “Failed to insert into table Speed_Table…” when a new DID Access database is created through the ‘Setup Parameters’ tool: Speed_ Table and Speed_Map_ID are correctly populated.


2022.1 Release notes

Seequent Central Integration

With Oasis montaj and Central, sharing projects with stakeholders and keeping track of changes has never been easier.

  • Publish data to a Central server from Oasis montaj projects, enabling collaborative workflows, integration with cloud storage, and version control.
  • As work in Oasis montaj progresses, revisions can be published to the Central project to capture the current state and to share with project stakeholders. And, you can download the current version or any past version back into Oasis montaj.

Multi-Trend Gridding Performance And User Experience Improvements

Multi-trend Gridding is now part of the Grid Data tool in Oasis montaj.

  • The Grid Data tool allows users to preview resultant grids while rapidly testing gridding settings.
  • The performance of the multi-trend gridding algorithm was improved by 30% on average and found to be up to 100% in some cases.

New GM-SYS 3D Grid Editing Workflow

A new workflow within the GM-SYS 3D extension introduces interactive grid editing in the 3D environment.
Users can modify model layers with new grid node selection tools and editing tools, streamlining your workflow with interactive, iterative forward modelling.

UXO Marine Quality Control And Processing Improvements

New quality control (QC) tools and improved existing QC tools allow customers to better validate that high-quality data is being collected.

UXO Marine Target Modelling Improvements

Improved features and ease of use of UXO target modelling allow users to better understand their target lists.
Reduce investigation and remediation costs with the streamlined data analysis and modelling tools that make it easier to produce high-quality data products.

Image Color Tool Improvements

The image colour tool has been improved so that editing colour stretches and bins has never been easier.

Default Project Directory Improvement

Now you can set your default directory, helping you stay organized and bringing predictability and control to your workflow.

Oasis montaj 2022.1 addresses the following issues

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IS255119 The orientation of a section grid no longer changes from “Section” to “3D” when using the ‘Modify Coordinate System for Grid File(s)’ option.
Ticket #162374 When using the multi-trend gridding method on large databases, a descriptive error message is now produced if array dimensions exceed the allowed range.
N/A The X, Y, Z locations of a vector group/layer in a section map are now correctly exported to a GDB (Oasis montaj database).
N/A In Oasis montaj, performance issues when unpacking packed maps containing a large number of grids have now been addressed.
N/A Reprojecting grids (GRIDREPJ GX) of type ‘Orientation: Level Plan’ now works as expected.
N/A Importing Target for ArcMap MXD files as Geosoft Map (*.map) files now works as expected (coordinate system information, orientation, layers, etc. are now retained).
N/A ‘Sample a Surface onto a Grid’ no longer aborts for long surface names.
N/A In the Map window, performance issues have now been resolved; for map files with many layers, it no longer takes a long time to move data layers within the Map Manager tree.
N/A The ASCII importer now works correctly when importing ASCII columnar array data; all data is imported and correctly located.
N/A In the ‘Interactive Shading’ dialog, concluding an interactive shading session now retains the inclination/declination parameters in the active map/grid view.
N/A In ‘Colour Tool’, the histogram graph no longer disappears when scrolling the colours past one end of the graph; the graph extents are now limited to the lowest and highest values present in the data.
N/A When closing the Colour Tool dialog, the colour bar on the map now reflects the current colour distribution of the updated image.
N/A ‘Sort All by 1 Channel’ now works as expected when the reference channel values are greater than 14 digits.
N/A Adding an empty row at the end of the current line/group (‘Add Rows/ Fids to End’) now automatically scrolls down to the end of the database.
N/A In the Colour Legend Bar tool, the minimum and maximum values are now calculated for the data layer selected.
GM-SYS Profile Modeling
N/A Georeferenced section images now display properly on a GM-SYS Profile model regardless of the section orientation.
N/A Geostrings generated from GM-SYS Profile model blocks now retain the extents of the GM-SYS model blocks.
Gravity and Terrain Correction
N/A Running the ‘Average Repeats’ tool from the Gravity menu no longer triggers a licensing error.
N/A In Gravity and Terrain Correction, running ‘Latitude Correction’ no longer swaps the ‘Latitude Correction’ and ‘Output Gravity’ channels.
N/A The linear correlation coefficient in the Bouguer Anomaly options is now calculated using the Complete Bouguer anomaly.
N/A When using the ‘Import Gravity Survey’ tool, the error “GravData line is not defined in the base station database” is no longer triggered.
Induced Polarization & Resistivity
N/A Abort no longer occurs when exporting IP data to a Geosoft IPDATA format file (IPEXPIPDATA GX). Related to: <H_VA::get_row>.
IS247183 In UX-Analyze, the dynamic inversion now produces the expected results; only the data over the target is now extracted.
Ticket #535651 Dynamic Data Processing’ now produces better filtering results for data at the end of the lines.
UX-Analyze + UXO Land
Ticket #335168 When using the ‘ROC Curve Calculation’ tool, the plotted ROC curve/line no longer produces gaps when items are masked off.
UXO Marine
IS168607 In UXO Marine, the ‘Altitude QC’ tool is now available to identify and remove data that exceeds the survey altitude threshold.
IS172699 In UXO Marine, a tool is now available (‘Altitude QC’) to perform QC on the altitude data.
IS184969 In UXO-Marine Grad, when creating a converted gradient database, multiple data channels can now be split.
IS251785 In UXO-Marine Grad, multiple data channels can now be split out when using the ‘Convert from Gradient Database’ tool.
IS255570 In UXO Marine, you now can define complex polygon anomaly windows and model/invert your targets using the anomaly polygons generated.
IS254439 In VOXI IP, you now can adjust the horizontal cell sizes of the mesh using the new ‘Auto-fit Mesh to IP Electrodes’ option.