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Oasis montaj release notes

Oasis montaj 2023.2

In the latest Oasis montaj 2023.2 release, we’ve placed a strong emphasis on enhancing speed and user experience, introducing notable features such as background gridding and multi-grid 2D filtering. With background gridding, you can seamlessly run gridding operations while continuing to work, offering a significant boost in productivity. Additionally, our improved multi-grid 2D filtering enables users to batch clean noise from data in just a few clicks, helping you get more done, faster.

Here is what else is included in this release:

  • Enhanced IGRF calculator with improved alignment to official standards, a streamlined user interface, and increased flexibility in historical data selection.
  • Support for APEX systems and direct import of HDF version 1 file format from man-portable vector (MPV) sensors with UX-Analyze.
  • Section View now offers custom media size selection, allowing users to tailor section views to their specific needs, enhancing visualisation precision and streamlining workflow efficiency.
  • Operate offline for up to 90 days without interruption by disabling the automatic license check in Seequent Connector.

During this release cycle we have also been investing heavily in developing new cloud capabilities of Seequent Evo, in support of our vision for the future of cloud-connected technology.

Please note that when upgrading to Oasis montaj 2023.2, the Seequent Connector will update automatically for offline mode. Alternatively, upgrade the SQ Connector for offline access. Leapfrog users must update to a compatible point release: 2021.1.5, 2021.2.7, 2022.1.2, 2023.1.2, or 2023.2.1.

View full release notes here.