GeoStudio 2021.4

GeoStudio 2021.4 continues our journey to a digital twin with greater interoperability between Leapfrog geological modelling and GeoStudio geotechnical analysis.

Integrate 2D centric geotechnical analysis with sections from your geological 3D model with the new multiple section workflow. Capitalise on new data and interpretations made in Leapfrog with dynamic updating of cross-sections and geotechnical analyses in GeoStudio.

Immerse yourself in 3D with the new GeoStudio 3D FLOW. 3D FLOW couples all new CTRAN3D and AIR3D analyses with those from SEEP3D and TEMP3D for even more flexibility in environmental modelling. Combine GeoStudio FLOW with the new 3D FLOW to take 2D analyses into 3D.

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A guide through the basics of creating a simple seepage analysis in SEEP/W using GeoStudio 2021 ...
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A guide through the basics of creating a simple seepage analysis in SEEP/W using GeoStudio 2021 ...
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A guide through the basics of creating a simple stress and deformation analysis in SIGMA/W in GeoStudio 2021 ...
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Top 5 Features You Need to Know about SLOPE/W

Top 5 Features You Need to Know about SLOPE/W

  • New material models
  • Different loading types
  • Tips and tricks of applying properties to multiple ...
Interoperability for Geotechnical Workflows

Interoperability for Geotechnical Workflows

The steps required to create a geological model in Leapfrog Works through analysing the slope ...
GeoStudio Integration Workflow

GeoStudio Integration Workflow

1. Analyse slope stability using piezometric lines with SLOPE/W Use SLOPE/W to do a simple ...

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