To use Seequent Products your organization may need to allow the following domains:
For use from web browsers – signing into My Seequent, My Leapfrog, My Geosoft
For desktop apps and machines to use – for license-token and access tokens – will be used by Geosoft Connect and the Leapfrog Desktop products for Authentication
This is for desktop apps and machines to use – Leapfrog View, Leapfrog Desktop Dongle Licensing, offline information
This is for desktop apps and machines to use. It enables selection of Seequent ID-based licenses for Leapfrog desktop products, and is needed for Seequent ID authorization. Geosoft products get authorization from the current end-point.


If you are an IT Administrator, then we have information for server apps and network details here.

You can get links to the latest versions of Seequent products & tools here.