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AGS Res3DInv release notes

AGS Res3DInv 3.20

The latest version of AGS Res3DInv 3.20 brings updates to the 3D viewer and a new licensing system while maintaining its reputation for lightning-fast 3D inversion results.

Res3DInv is a powerful inversion tool for 3D electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) and induced polarisation (IP) data. This user-friendly software solution offers a seamless workflow from data import to inversion and visualisation, providing advanced users complete control over inversion parameters. Res3DInv is flexible and adaptable, accommodating multiple survey configurations, including topography, borehole, subsurface electrodes, arbitrary electrode locations, and electrodes on or in water bodies. Optimised for speed, Res3DInv quickly and efficiently handles any size survey on a PC, enabling in-field inversion and enhancing surveying efficiency.

In addition to its advanced processing and visualisation capabilities, Res3DInv also provides interoperability with other software solutions such as Workbench and Oasis montaj, allowing for easy exporting of model results. This feature enables users to integrate Res3DInv models with other earth modelling software in the Seequent ecosystem, streamlining their workflow and enhancing their ability to interpret and communicate results.

To download and install Res3DInv 3.20, log in to MySeequent with your Seequent ID. If you don’t have a Seequent ID, create one here with the same email address you have for your existing AGS licence.

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