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Volsung comprises several applications. Three of the most commonly used are:

  • Brynhild
    A simulator for building models, running forecasts.
  • Signy
    A thermodynamic table tool.
  • Gudrun
    A wellbore simulator.

To Run Volsung

Type in one of these applications into your windows search.
If you are starting off and want to be familiar with Volsung
reservoir modelling capabilities, type in Brynhild.

Getting Set Up with your Licence

You will have received an email from LicenceSpring.
This email holds your login information.
To activate the licence:
  1. Run Brynhild or any other Volsung application for which you have obtained a licence.
  2. The Volsung License Manager Window will appear.
    a) Copy and paste the email and password into the appropriate locations.
    b) Click Login.
  3. Click OK.

To help you get started, download two existing projects:

A synthetic project built from William B Cummings’ (Cummings and Mackie 2010) conceptual model of a generic geothermal system. This example includes a forecast with a surface network model including fully coupled wellbore models.

Download the model and begin.

Download Rectilinear Volsung model

Leapfrog workflow model:
This project uses the output of a Leapfrog model (*.lfm and *.ts files) for the base input of the Volsung numerical model. This model is not calibrated to any temperature or pressure data, but it shows the workflow linking Leapfrog and Volsung models.

Download the model and begin.

Download Leapfrog workflow model

You can view the Leapfrog model through a WebViz public scene.

WebViz public scene

Watch the Tutorial Videos

Getting started with Volsung: Simple 2D Reservoir Model

Getting started with Volsung: Simple 3D Reservoir Model

Getting started with Volsung: Wellbore Modelling

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