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In November’s GeoStudio Answer Hour, our technical experts provided an overview of the importance of understanding pore water pressure conditions in 2D and 3D. The sessions were run in English, Spanish and Portuguese with a follow-up live Q&A.

GeoStudio’s SEEP/W and SEEP3D provide the ability to simulate 2D and 3D groundwater seepage associated with natural slopes, dams and levees, excavations and pits, pumping and relief wells, and waste facilities. Their comprehensive formulation can be used for soil and rock systems, steady-state and transient flow, and both saturated and unsaturated conditions. By reviewing the key components of seepage analysis and allowing you to ask any questions on this topic, we hope to improve your understanding and increase your confidence and success in future seepage modelling endeavours.
  • Review GeoStudio capabilities and the main components of seepage analyses;
  • Review typical 2D and 3D seepage applications;
  • Demonstrate an analysis where pore water pressure results are integral to understanding the behaviour of the system (including stability); and
  • Q&A



Trevor Kent,

Kathryn Dompierre,

Farzin Hamidi,

Ignacio Escudero,

Amanda Fuccio,

Sudur Roy


60 mins each

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