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During this webinar, Kanita Khaled, Geophysicist at Seequent, will present a practical approach on how you can integrate geophysical data such as Gamma-Ray Spectrometry, Magnetometry and Gravimetry with geological information to achieve better analysis and interpretation of your data.

Learn about how you can utilize geophysics to add value to your exploration project.

Find out how it is possible to use geophysics to generate more knowledge and value for your geological data, and facilitate decision-making in your exploration project. Some items discussed in the webinar include:

  • 2D Filtering of Magnetic and Gravimetric data to aid in interpretation
  • Utilizing ternary maps for Gamma-Ray Spectrometry analysis
  • Inversion of geophysical data to generate 3D models of physical properties using VOXI
  • Integrating geophysical and geological data in 2D and 3D environments to generate meaningful interpretation