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A seamless connected workflow from comprehensive geological modelling to detailed geotechnical design ensures:

Effective modelling and design practices and active collaboration between engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers.

Join technical expert, Sudur Roy, in this video as he guides you through this vital workflow:
  • Brief overview of the geological modelling capabilities of Leapfrog Works and illustration of a 3D model.
  • Using the 3D model to identify potential areas of geotechnical analysis.
  • Creating cross-sections in Leapfrog to be imported into PLAXIS 2D for geotechnical analysis.
  • Undertaking safety analysis in relation to slope stability.
  • Reimporting the geotechnical analysis results into Leapfrog to review the design feasibility in the context of the entire project.



Sudur Roy
Customer Solutions Specialist, Geotechnical – Seequent


40 min

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