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AGS Res2DInv 5.0 is here, download it now!

With Res2DInv 5.0, users can process data and run inversions quicker than ever with the simplified workflow and new processing tools. The tab-based interface and new tools make evaluating the processing impact on measured data seamless and make it easy for users to evaluate results, re-process data, and create new models. As well, Res2DInv 5.0 introduces a suite of new visualisation options that enhance the quality and impact of presentations, all easily accessible with a right-click. Setting up models has never been easier, thanks to a new tool for inversion settings and model grids where users can now visualise real-time changes to the model grid. With Seequent ID, licensing administration is made simple, allowing users to assign licences to others within their organisation.

Say goodbye to the endless cycle of data cleaning, model running, and result checking. Experience the power of Res2DInv 5.0 and simplify your 2D resistivity inversion workflow today.



Knud Valdemar Bendix Lassen

Geophysicist & Software developer


14 min

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