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Preguntas más frecuentes para los usuarios de Visible Geology

¿Por qué Seequent creó Visible Geology?

Seequent is passionate about supporting the earth sciences. Around the globe, earth scientists are at the forefront of building a collective understanding of the earth. We understand how important the study of earth-related sciences is to the future of our planet, and we need graduates from these courses more than ever – but enrolments are falling. As one of the oldest and most fundamental natural sciences, geology plays a crucial role in nearly all interactions humans have with the planet. That’s why we’ve used our digital expertise to redesign and rebuild Visible Geology with a leading entertainment studio.  

Visible Geology introduces young minds to the fundamental concepts of geology in an innovative and engaging way. It strives to make it easier for educators to demonstrate basic geological concepts by moving beyond the traditional 2D and paper-based examples and embracing the advancing digital methods of teaching, in a way that’s visual, interactive and engaging for students.  

We recognise the enthusiasm many educators and students already have for Visible Geology, so it’s our mission to invest in it, modernise it, and leverage it as a powerful tool to help ignite the passion of future earth scientists.  

¿Cuándo estará disponible la nueva versión de Visible Geology?

We expect that the new Visible Geology will be available in early 2024.  

You can preview the new Visible Geology now. This is a sneak peek of this exciting new tool, with limited capabilities. You can experiment with building a conceptual geological model by adding lithologies, applying topography, ordering deformation events, and plotting stereonets.  

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¿El nuevo Visible Geology tendrá las mismas funciones que antes?

The new Visible Geology retains its core features and workflows, but these have been transformed to make modelling quicker, more flexible, and easier to understand. Educators and students have been consulted throughout the redesign and the new Visible Geology is now powered by a modern gaming engine, revitalising the much-loved tool.   

With the new Visible Geology, you’ll have the ability to:  

  • Experiment with tilts, faults, and folds plus newly developed intrusion and deformation events. (Preview this now).  
  • Apply custom topographies to interrogate the geology. Raise mountains and erode deep valleys all in a few clicks. (Preview this now) 
  • Visualise and plot stereonets like never before. (Preview this now) 
  • Create profiles, manage your assets and build classroom and assignment workflows 

¿Qué funciones están disponibles en la versión preliminar de Visible Geology?

Limited capabilities are available to try in the preview version of Visible Geology. You can experiment with building a conceptual geological model by adding lithologies, applying topography, ordering deformation events, and plotting stereonets, all wrapped in the new and intuitive interface.  

Profile creation and saving work will not be available until the official release in early 2024. The current version of Visible Geology will remain accessible until we are confident that the user base has successfully transitioned to the new application. This is expected in the first half of 2024.   

¿Podré migrar mi trabajo guardado a la nueva versión de Visible Geology?

Your saved work in the current version of Visible Geology will not migrate to the new application.  

You will have until the current version of Visible Geology is retired (expected in the first half of 2024) to access your saved work.   

Rest assured, the new Visible Geology will provide much better features and functionality. It will be quick and easy to re-build any classroom work as every tool is easier to use, more flexible and more powerful than before.  

¿Mi perfil migrará automáticamente a la nueva versión de Visible Geology?

Profiles in the current Visible Geology will not be migrated over to the new version.  

The new version will require you to create a profile to save your work using a Seequent ID. Anyone can create a Seequent ID. With a Seequent ID, you will also get access to Seequent’s online ecosystem of help content, learning courses, knowledge base articles, how-to videos, and community forums.  

¿Cuándo dejará de estar disponible la versión actual de Visible Geology?

Esperamos que la versión saliente del actual Visible Geology se retire en la primera mitad de 2024. Esto ocurrirá cuando estemos seguros de que la base de usuarios haya pasado con éxito al nuevo software. Se le avisará de esto mediante una notificación en el software antes de que ocurra.

¿Visible Geology seguirá siendo gratuito?

Sí. Visible Geology es la contribución de Seequent a la comunidad que estudia las ciencias de la Tierra y seguirá siendo gratuito y accesible para todos.

¿Cómo puedo ayudar a difundir Visible Geology para fortalecer a la próxima generación de geocientíficos?

Help us get Visible Geology in the hands of earth science students and school students who may not have considered the earth sciences as a career – and inspire and empower the next generation.  

You could: 

  • Use the hashtag #VisibleGeology and share your experience with the application on your social media platforms
  • Become an ambassador for Visible Geology.  Help validate and spread the word about Visible Geology through your networks 
  • Invite our CEO Graham Grant, or one of our many qualified geoscientists, to present on empowering the next generation of earth scientists at one of your events 
  • Help us reach academic networks and the younger community – all ideas and expertise welcome!

Contact: [email protected]

¿Tiene preguntas, comentarios o necesita ayuda?