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Join us as we dive into the importance of validation, especially in the context of logging and geological modelling, and see how Imago shines as the ultimate validation gem.

Data Validation. Because you can’t afford not to.
In the dynamic domain of exploration and mining, accurate and ongoing validation is a must. From ensuring that logged data represents what is in the ground, to validating geological models and interpretation with precision, Imago elevates your validation game to the next level.
In this webinar we’ll explore the riches of validation through Imago!
You’ll discover:
Logging Validation: Watch as we seamlessly align logged data with its photographic counterpart, ensuring a reliable geological match.
Geological Model Validation: Dig in deep as we unveil how Imago’s validation prowess cements your models, just like minerals binding together in a well-formed rock.
Foresight through Validation: Imago isn’t just about the present; it’s about preparing you for the geological future, aligning with automation and machine learning. Imago positions you to stay ahead by capturing and storing your data in the precise format required for our transformative technologies.
Unlocking Imago’s Validation Gems: We’ll guide you through the process of integrating Imago into your workflow like a true geological treasure map – leading you to confident decision-making.



Sophie Tie
Senior Data Solutions Specialist – Business Development – Seequent


27 minutes

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