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ICMM Vendor Engagement for Tailings Storage Facilities Monitoring.
The industry has already come a long way to match the Global Tailings Standards and the ICMM in particular has greatly contributed to this development. Yet, as we all know, technological evolution never stops and indeed is speeding up. And so, while monitoring will continue to represent a corner stone to the understanding of Tailings Storage Facilities, there are elements of the overall analytical workflow that can be optimised to let the data speak more loudly and facilitate an agile decision-making process. ​

In this presentation we take a look at dynamic digital twin technology and review what a digital twin represents from a Seequent and Sensemetrics perspective and how a transparent and real-time flow of information can assist an iterative workflow approach.

Iain McLean, MPhil, MBA, BA, BSc (Eng). | Executive Vice President – North America, Seequent
Janina Elliott, Ph.D., M.Sc. Geol. | Global Central Technical Lead, Seequent
Alex Pienaar, M.Sc., B.Sc. Eng. | Director of Mining, Sensemetrics