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Some of the highest costs associated with geothermal exploration and development come from drilling, so it is crucial all the key decision makers can understand the risks in a common platform.

Having tools which allow multiple subsurface data types to be included in the analysis of where to drill and decision making during drilling saves time and cost.

Directional Well Planning tool overview (11:00)

We were excited to share with you new ways in reducing risk in decision making around these high expenditure decisions.

In particular the Directional Well Planning tool in Leapfrog Geothermal enables subsurface professionals to integrate geological and associated subsurface parameters (temperature, pressure, drilling, geophysics etc) during well planning. This enables testing of alternative drilling scenarios in a collaborative environment with other disciplines such as drilling engineers.

The directional well planning tool supports:

  • Multiple section (kick-off) types including; Hold, Build (to a target end of section), Build to inclination, Build to length, Build and hold, Hold and drop
  • Model evaluations and visualisation
  • Drilling prognoses table
  • Export to; Drilling plan, Interval table (csv), Points (csv)
  • Import drilling plan (csv)
  • Copy planned well