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Join us for this short Q&A session with Eryn Torres from Geosyntec who will explain why she is using the Contaminants extension in her daily workflows, the variety of projects and range of applications she uses it for and the value she is gaining.

As the Contaminants extension for Leapfrog Works brings contaminant modelling into 3D geological models, some of the themes include:

  • 3D versus 2D communication
  • How it fits into and improves responding to reporting requirements posed by regulators e.g., variograms, statistical analysis, plume volumes and mass calculations
  • Keeping reporting artifacts up to date, e.g. a table or cross-section
  • Updating analyses

Eryn Torres is a lead for 3-D modelling and visualisations at Geosyntec consultants. She has supported projects in various stages of investigation and remediation. She has provided visualizations, groundwater flow estimates, contaminated mass and volume estimates, resource-in-place estimates, and characterizations of conditions changing over time. She also provides strategic guidance and evaluations for monitoring and remediation activities on sites with a variety of media and contaminants of concern. With time spent as a geologist at Venoco, Lynn Energy and AECOM, she has built and maintained subsurface models for both public and private sector clients with upstream oil and gas, regional groundwater management, and groundwater remediation needs. She has extensive experience managing all types of geologic, hydrogeologic, and chemical analytical data.

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