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Is your data an asset for your organization or a liability?

We are digitizing the world around us. The amount and types of environmental and engineering data that we now collect about the earth and infrastructure assets is growing exponentially. International Data Corporation estimates that the size of the global “datasphere” will be 175 Zettabytes by the year 2025. What are you doing to ensure your data is connected as an asset, and not a liability, for your organization?

This webinar will provide you key information about:

  • How global world trends are driving the need for digital transformation
  • How you can mitigate risk for you and the company you work for
  • How to connect your data to ensure it is an asset for you and your company.

And discover how Seequent solutions are allowing you and your team to connect, integrate, visualise, evaluate and share your geoscience data from any location to help you better understand the Earth, as we provide an overview of the capabilities that Central, Oasis montaj, Leapfrog & GeoStudio can bring to your organisation.

Presenter: Lorraine Godwin, Director Near Surface at Seequent (21:52)