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Seequent Technology PartnersTogether, we can develop a greater understanding of the global challenges we all face and the solutions that are possible

Our Technology Partners are consultants, independent software vendors, and geoscience experts.

We believe passionately in the power of connection – when we share and work together, we become not just bigger than we are, but greater than the challenges we face.

With access to a host of developer tools, including APIs and components, through the Seequent Evo ecosystem – together, we bring customers streamlined, agile solutions to meet specific geoscience challenges – removing the need for time-consuming workarounds, and speeding up time to market.

Our Technology Partners and values are outlined in the Seequent Evo Guiding Principles.

Join a growing developer community and become part of the Seequent Evo ecosystem

A powerful, open network of interoperability, connectedness and collaboration.

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The time to focus on the future is now.

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Our Technology Partners

Exciting things are coming

We have a number of partners currently developing integrations to the Seequent Evo ecosystem. You can learn more on our Developer Portal.


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Our Technology Partner solutions are built, composed or connected by the Seequent Evo ecosystem using Seequent APIs and reusable components.

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