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Alliance Partners


Esri’s GIS mapping software is the most powerful mapping & spatial data analytics technology available. Learn how businesses are using location intelligence to gain competitive advantage.


At IMDEX we develop cloud-connected devices and drilling optimisation products to improve the process of identifying and extracting mineral resources for drilling contractors and resource companies globally.

MX Deposit

Deposit is a cloud-based application that simplifies how drilling and sample data is collected, managed, and shared for mining and exploration companies.


Microsoft and Seeequent have partnered to bring customers world leading technology solutions.
In 2020 Seequent, was one of the four Microsoft partners highlighted that are working with Microsoft and its customers to drive change for good around water quality and conservation.

Business Partners

AGT Systems Inc.


Beijing MaiQin Neng Yuan JiShu FuWu Co. Ltd

北京迈勤能源技术服务有限公司是Seequent公司Geosoft Oasis montaj解决方案在大中华(大陆、香港和台湾)的唯一授权代理和合作伙伴,北京迈勤能源技术服务有限公司携手厂商为大中华地区客户提供全球最具特色的重、磁、电一体化解决方案和相关技术支持和售后技术服务,以提高客户的决策精度并使客户的投资早日得到回报。

Centre for Exploration Targeting

The Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET) provides a dynamic team environment where the pressing problems of the mineral exploration industry can be addressed by teams of researchers using their collective expertise to develop innovative research solutions.


Datacode provides technology, services and tools to gain valuable knowledge and insights from data. It has, over its existence for 25 years, mastered the art of data management, with an in-depth understanding of data acquisition, processing and modeling.


Global company with a focus on delivering engineering efficiency to the mining industry through customized software, consulting and training solutions.

ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology (EMIT)

ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology develops instrumentation and software for geophysical applications.

GEO Digital Imaging de Mexico

Satellite imagery processing, GIS and Geological consultants.


Explore the Earth’s surface for minerals, oil & gas, unexploded ordinance, and utilities, or conduct geotechnical engineering studies, archaeological surveys, and more with our innovative line of seismographs, magnetometers, and geoelectric instruments.


Geonics Limited is a world leader in the design and manufacture of electromagnetic geophysical instrumentation for geological, environmental, geotechnical, and UXO applications.

Geophysical Software Solutions (GSS)

GSS offers consulting services in the fields of interpretation and processing of potential field data in a mineral exploration context.

International Project Management SAS (IPM)

IPM is one of the Latin American Consulting Firms and the Caribbean. Since our founding in 2001 we have specialized in providing management services of high quality and professional assistance in the areas of Business Management, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Finance, and Infrastructure.


Somos una empresa dedicada a la consultoría en Ingeniería de Minas, estamos conformados por un equipo de profesionales de primer nivel orientados a ofrecer soluciones con las mejores técnicas y estándares de la industria minera.



NUVIA Dynamics

NUVIA Dynamics Inc. is a leader in airborne geophysical surveying as well as in the design and manufacturing of turnkey Geophysical and Radiation Monitoring Instrumentation and Software for precision airborne and / or surface magnetic, electromagnetic, and radiation data acquisition programs.

Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited

Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited was established in 1973 to provide consulting, data processing and interpretation services in exploration geophysics for mineral, hydrocarbon, groundwater and environmental applications.

Phoenix Geosystem Indonesia (PGI)

Phoenix Geosystem Indonesia, Indonesia’s leading supplier of non-seismic mining equipment, training, education and exploration services.


TERRANALISIS, Topografia y Cartografia aérea y satelital, 25 años de experiencia en Sistemas de Información Geográfica, Santiago, CHILE

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

The United States Geological Survey is a scientific agency of the United States government. The scientists of the USGS study the landscape of the United States, its natural resources, and the natural hazards that threaten it.

Technology Partners


acQuire provides a world class geoscientific data management software package combining people, processes & technology.


As one of the world’s largest and most diverse analytical testing services providers, ALS has the technical expertise capacity to handle your project. ALS offers laboratory testing services for Life Sciences, Minerals, Energy, and Industrial.

Canadian Micro Gravity

Canadian Micro Gravity is a Toronto based geophysical research and development company focused on commercialisation, selling and leasing mobile gravimeters for use in petroleum and mineral exploration.


Corescan is a global services company specialising in the hyperspectral scanning, processing and analysis of drill core, rock chips and other geological samples.

DHI Group

Whether you need to save water, share it fairly, improve its quality, quantify its impact or manage its flow, we can help.

IKON Science

Global E&P knowledge management, make Smarter Decisions from Complex Subsurface Data. Seequent is the exclusive reseller of Ikon Science iPoint for the geothermal industry.


High performance viewing of core and chip images from any location. Integrated with your geology tools of choice – Leapfrog and others.

IRIS Instruments

We design and manufacture geophysical instruments. We train your technicians on proper measurement procedures, instruments use, data processing and interpretation


Maptek is a leading provider of innovative software, hardware and services for the mining industry. Founded 37 years ago, Maptek develops products which are used at more than 2000 sites in 70 countries. Products cover the whole mining cycle from exploration to reclamation.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes powers billions of transactions across the world of commerce. Big or small, physical or digital, we help you market, send and collect.


Scintrex, the leading manufacturer in relative gravity meters, has been supplying the geophysics industry for over 50 years. We provide state of the art sensors and solutions to a wide variety of applications worldwide.

ZLS Corporation

ZLS Corporation is a manufacturer of high precision, metal, zero-length spring gravity meters and products.

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