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People discussing Computational Geostatistics

Developing a Geostatistical Edge Through the Centre of Computational Geostatistics

Being a consortium member of the CCG gives our company a geostatistical edge - learn more about our involvement with ...
Group interview

Data Speaks and Here’s What it Says

Here’s the wrap up from the Data Speaks contest, which we created exclusively for the RFG 2018 conference ...
/ Culture, Data Speaks
two people looking at computer screen

Meet the Judges of Data Speaks!

Our panel of judges for the Data Speaks! Competition have a lot to say about science communication and supporting our ...
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person smiling

Advice for Science Communicators

To help our Data Speaks! competitors prep for their on-camera interview and learn more about effective science communication, we interviewed ...
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Group brainstorming

Teaching Researchers to Become Communicators

To learn more about the importance of science communication, we interviewed science communicator, environmental professional and entrepreneur Alan Shapiro ...
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Birds eye view of a geothermal energy plant

Seequent Becomes First Global Visibility Partner for Women in Geothermal

Today we signed on as the first Global Visibility Partner for Women in Geothermal (WING) to help raise the visibility ...
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Earth cake

Eating 3D Geological Models for Earth Day

We turned model-makers into model-bakers For Earth Day 2018. See the amazing, 3D modelling cakes created by Seequent’s global team ...
/ Culture
Seequent Gala 2019

Celebrating Seequent’s Collaborative Culture in 2018

Seequent teams gathered in Christchurch to work together and celebrate the excellence of our people ...
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