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Storytelling is one of the oldest methods of passing on knowledge and wisdom. Stories give context to information, and entertain listeners while informing them. As mentioned in our interview with Alan Shapiro, stories are also the most effective way to share technical information:

“…. stories stick with us more easily, and we tend to relate to stories on a more personal level. We think in stories… We need to take that filter and apply it to science as well.”

At Seequent we use stories to talk about how our technology can be applied to industry challenges, to examine geological complexity, and discuss how it can inform the bigger picture.

That’s why we’re supporting scientific storytelling and our next generation of influencers, by sponsoring RFG2018 and the Data Speaks! student contest. For the Data Speaks! contest, we’re encouraging young scientists and researchers to tell the story of their work and how it applies to the future of resource management.

Judging the student’s data stories are Seequent staff from a range of roles and locations, including HR, product development and research.

Here’s what they have to say about the competition and the importance of science communication:

Follow the stories as they are posted via Twitter at #SeeDataSpeak and stay updated by connecting with us on LinkedIn.

You can also watch the interviews live during trade show hours at RFG2018 at the Seequent booth (317). Please feel free to join us at the Innovation Forum on Thursday, June 21 when we present prizes to our top 5 candidates.